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  • What seatpost for….
  • Sorry, searching is not getting the detail I want

    I have a laid back seatpost, but the saddle clamp keeps slipping and is difficult to set up with the correct angle. I have just looked at the wifes bike and her clamp has a series of ‘grooves’ which mean you can loosen the clamp a bit click the angle a single notch and then do it up again. I want one like that!

    I am searching on Wiggle and CRC (at the budget end of the market), but the photos are not clear enough to see if a post has this ‘feature’. Can anyone recommend a 27.2 post with this feature? or can you tell me what its called so I can search for it?


    That’s a shit feature, since it limits the adjusment. What if you want to set the saddle inbetween the set incrementS?

    You need a twin bolt style seatpost like a Thomson


    Most of the FSA ones have this, actually most single bolt systems use this.

    My ritchey one has 2 bolts and is infinetley adjustable, but seems quite happy to adjust saddle position at random.

    Blimey! Most FSA seatposts are over £150 which is outside of my price range. The only ones inside my price range and in stock (FSA SL-250 XC Seatpost)at CRC or Wiggle don’t have the ‘grooves’ from what I can see 🙁


    Just had a quick look and most are 2 bolt now, which doesnt really help you.

    Probably easiest to pop a wanted ad on the forum.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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