What proportion of people on here buy bikes off the peg?

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  • What proportion of people on here buy bikes off the peg?
  • Premier Icon Teetosugars

    Of my current 5 bikes ( Hardtail, Full Suss, CX, Road (Winter) Road (Summer)
    Only the cx was “off the peg”, however, I have tweaked it a bit with better/differnt bits..

    Oh, and had it re-sprayed.

    So I guess, basically I just build up bikes with a spec I like, not what it comes with..


    When i was into dirt jumping i bought all the kit, and made the bike myself. Worked out to cost me around £1100 It was a nice bike, with good kit, but to buy a similar one off the peg, i think would cost about £600 at most.

    I bought my Felt off the peg, very happy with it, only changed bars and seatpost.


    About 33% of me.

    Pitch is off the peg, but now with plenty of upgrades.

    Allez is off the peg and completly standard (up for sale too)

    Handjob bought all the bits and built it myself bar the wheels, got some good bargains buying ’08 parts and sale bits too

    Premier Icon ononeorange

    Of my 4 bikes plus a tandem, only one (the P7) was off-the-peg. The other three have been frames that have had things put on them. And taken off. And put back on again. The tandem was bought as just a frame too. So I think that’s 80% home-built from me.


    Used to buy them of the peg..Then saw how much cheaper it was to build it up on my own to my own spec..or get the shop to do some ,if its a bargain.
    Most shops rip you of for builds anyway, and it always helps to know how to strip and maintain bikes.
    Heckler -own spec build,chameleon- own spec build,.Spesh stumpy-custom build/own spec.trek oclv -custom build
    Tcr carbon -custom build
    Ocr- off the peg
    trek h/t-off the peg..my road bikes were built by shops till i learned how to myself..


    Bought an off the peg bike in 94, ever since have just replaced components when needed, I buy new frame and forks and build up with existing components everytime…

    Premier Icon FOG

    I think it is as much about how bikes evolve from their starting point.My HT was built by me. my road bike was off the peg but has already had a few changes to suit myself.
    My old hack steel mtb has had so many different bits of kit on it I can’t remember how it startd even though was off the peg.
    Some people can’t leave alone while others are happy to replace bits only when they are worn out.
    Whatever deal you can get has got to be a decider whichever route you choose.


    I’m just building a new “local rides and no need to pamper it” bike. Brand new frame cost £85. H/S, seat post and clamp £10, chain set complete £60, brakes £100. The rest was lying around waiting to be used. Got a bike that would have cost £700/800 from a shop for £255. It’s got bits on it that I like, because i’ve used them before, just moving them down the ladder. I wouldn’t have bought new.

    Premier Icon metalheart

    haven’t bought a strictly off the peg bike in decades (okay my Giant TCR is stock appart from the compact chainset).

    always always want to change something.

    need to get right frame, forks, wheels, tyres, bars and now brakes.

    that said still contemplating a stock Anthem X1 (except changing the bars…)

    Premier Icon Daveb575

    Out of my 4 bikes only one is off the peg which is a cx bike.

    I mainly build my own because I enjoy doing it rather than any issues to do with cost, although it often works out cheaper for me in terms of outlay at the time because I use bits I have hoarded over time rather than buying everthing new. I also like to be able to spec the parts that I want.

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