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  • What packlite rain jacket??
  • Ax3M4n

    I managed to bag me a 2010 Mavic Creek goretex paclite for under a £100.

    Nice bit of kit for that price.

    It’s always worth keeping you’re eye on non MTB kit though for bargains… berghaus, north face, nike (!) etc.

    Premier Icon MartynS


    Can’t remember which one I’ve got but its the size of a tennis ball.

    Its great if you get caught out in a heavy shower, I don’t know what its like in a sustained downpour though!


    hiya all

    I have had a packlight jacket for about 5 years but came off the other day and have torn it to shreads

    it was a gore bikewear alp x and I would buy another one but a more recent one than mine was reviewed badly

    what other recommendation for something made in packlight??

    cost not too much issue as they last pretty well under £150 would be good though.



    Sleeves are a bit baggy, and I’ll be sealing the extra-long pit vents with tent seam sealer, but otherwise this is a great paclite jacket for the dosh.

    Premier Icon BadlyWiredDog

    You know how you fell off and tore your Paclite jacket to bits? That’s why I’d get something else. I’d say the new Gore-Tex Active Shell fabric, but it’s not out until late summer/early autumn, but Paclite is horribly fragile if you crash in it or snag it on something. I’d look for something else, it’s not like it’s particularly breathable or nice to wear… ime anyway.

    Premier Icon Kryton57

    I have a Montane Velo (Martyn?) – rolls to the size of a tennis ball and is stupid light. About £50 or less IIRC…

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