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  • What motorbike would you get for 2.5k?
  • *maybe* in a position to look at a newer bike in the future, for occasional runs out and some commuting duties. ABS would be preferable but not the end of the world…..

    Gonna need some more info.

    You like nakeds? Faired? Want something fast? Going to live outside?
    I like torquey bikes and upright, nakeds. Geared slower and the windblast makes you feel like you’re going faster but not breaking the limit too much,

    In the spirit of that I ride a Speed Triple 1050 – incredible ‘road’ bike. Great, torquey engine and an upright position. Rides best about 60-100 mph. I used to have a GSXR 600 – that didn’t really feel ‘right’ until 120 mph!

    You can get a nice 955 Speed Triple for £2.5k

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    Honda Blackbird would fit the bill, but insane speeds too easy.

    Honda Fireblades are fatnastic bikes.

    Most big Triumphs make better road bikes than most would think.

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    I’d get an ’99 900SS and a bus pass.


    Right now a Beta EVO 250

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    I had a blackbird a few years back that only cost me £3k. Loved that bike.


    Suzuki DRZ if your commute doesn’t involve big open roads, In town the lightweight (vs a sports bike) and surefooted nature will make filtering, potholes and bumping up kerbs to park a doddle. I had a Yam 450 WRF (on sumo wheels) which is waaaay lighter and significantly more raggable but has its own follies and depending on usage, maintenance hungry.
    If it does, Honda VFR? I’ve always heard they make a brilliant ‘hack’ and can be pressganged into some longer duties? but thats based on A.N. Others opinions. But it does come with ABS options I think on some of the later models but I don’t know if that would fall in budget
    (quick google says yes but only just for ABS bikes)

    Edit: My spelling is bad.

    Depends what you ride now, and what you like.

    CBR600F – and a very nice one for that money.

    Great bike, brilliant all rounder.

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    I used to have a Honda VFR750 – was an amazing all rounder, really missed it.

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    Transalp or africa twin for me. Need to make some pocket money this year then Im allowed one.

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    I got one for a hundred quid over your budget about a month ago. Honda XR650r, all supermoto’d up with lots of nice bits. Excel/Talon wheels with sticky Maxxis tyres, CRF front end, Edelbrock carb, full Akrapovic system, big brakes.
    Superb fun at non ridiculous speeds, and it makes a gloriously antisocial noise 🙂


    Depends what you like! For me it would be as mentioned an Xr600 or 400, Wr450F or wr250R


    depends on the length of the commute. Honda’s are generally awesome but sometimes not sexy. Cheap trailies are good fun if the commute is <25miles and not too many wide open roads. Look at Blackbird or VFR or even CBR1000f.


    At that sort of money you’ll not do a lot better than a CBR 600f. Bulletproof bikes, cheap insurance and great performance. About 10k revs they’re bananas. Not Fireblade fast, but fat more maneuverable and suitable for traffic. The wheelbase on the 600f is shorter (tighter and better low speed handling) and the riding position far more comfy on the wrists. The Fireblade steers like a boat in comparison.

    DRZ in Supermoto form are excellent too – and they have a host of upgrade options. Fit a wr400 carb, mod the airbox and they go like stink. There are also loads of upgrades – For example, Tag precious metal clamps, all sorts. And not as service hungry as the (albeit lighter and madder WR400/WR450’s). They’ll also not overhead in traffic like WR’s have a tendency to. GO for the ‘s’ or ‘sm’ model over the ‘e’ model, as the ‘e’ like the WRs don’t have a fan on the rads and overheat in traffic.

    Most Hondas will be incredibly reliable and fun. VFR or Africa twins are good shouts. As are XRs – although they’re a mite more agricultural.

    Good luck with whatever you get.

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    Husqvarna 450rr.

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