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  • What money no object rear hub?
  • nonk

    King every time they just do what they should for ever and a day.


    Phil Wood


    Had kings and wasn’t impressed at all, nothing wrong with them other than being boat anchors, just not really special enough for the price

    IS £413 pricey enough?

    Got one a few weeks ago

    Ti Tune SS Hub, weight weenie tastic 8)


    I know nothing about them but they are shiny and expensive so they must be good..right



    DT Swiss 240s


    King every time they just do what they should for ever and a day.

    Except they don’t. And they need god knows how many expensive tools to adjust and repair them.

    DT Swiss 240s for me, after I gave up on Hope(less) hubs.


    DT Swiss 180 carbon ceramic

    Weight: 202 g

    I like Hope, but they’re not really ‘money no object’,


    Or Dt 190’s
    Or Phil Woods

    Premier Icon P20

    I’ve got King on my bikes. The oldest two sets are well over a decade old. In the four sets I’ve had, (currently 3) I’ve only snapped one rear axle. That’s the only parts I’ve used.

    Edit: had Royce. Beautiful, the prettiest hub and a lovely loud almost campag like sound. But unreliable, went through bearings in months not years and I have a mate who cracked 3 hub shells with only light use


    DT 240 or 180/190 pending on

    Premier Icon mboy

    What poddy said

    It’s funny how people who actually fix bikes for a living (or have done) always end up recommending DT Swiss over and above everything else… 😉


    +1 for DT 180 otherwise the Kappius rear hub looks interesting for money no object:


    Really? The only two DT Swiss hub owners I’ve met have had to replace the freehub. One person several times before giving up entirely.

    Chris King for me. They’re just so luxurious compared to Hope, and the buzz is addictive. It’s like the bike equivalent of a V8 burble.


    Peter thats bollox mate they run for ever !they do one dead posh tool that costs loads but you don’t actually need the thing to service the hub anyway .
    Two years on a set and actually haven’t had to do much at all to them.


    Peter thats bollox mate they run for ever

    No it’s not and no they don’t. Some do. But then so do some Deores.

    More discussion here


    Have to agree with the comments about DT 240’s, really great hubs and lighter than King if that matters.


    If I was buying NEW (I usually buy used) and money was no object I’d get XTR, no question about it.


    I’ve got a lovely set of pink Chris King disc hubs that I’m about to sell (currently built up with XC717 rims) if anyone’s interested. 🙂

    Very little use, good as new.


    Tune! Have a set on my road bike. Recently cleaned and service the rear hub. Bearings still smooth and buttery after 7 years and well over 15000kms. Consider I weigh in at 106kg I can highly recommend the hubs.


    So…..let’s assume money not an issue.

    If you had to build a disc rear wheel which should ultimately provide reliability, what hub would it be?

    Chris King?


    I can’t be arsed to argue Peter that thread you posted is fairly split really so I suppose its just the same old Internet debate, yes they are no they aren’t .


    Have 2 sets of BOR hubs,are very similar to Tune. Very light and well made.


    I have kings on all my bikes, have done for years, the only special tools I’ve ever needed are a pair of Allen keys to get into them and relube them. They are all still good as new, covered a lot of miles and needed very little adjustment except for the little cone adjuster thing on the side which turns by hand. I’ve never had any call to replace the bearing in them and the bearings have always been superb.

    That said, I’m not sure they are the be all and end all, i just prefer them. Phil woods are really good and I’d have no problem with Dt’s either. Royce look amazing too, i’d love to try some but I’m just not convinced about them. As far as functionality goes, something like an XT or Ultegra are great for the price

    Rohloff~ reliability x3 (or cubed)

    i) damned reliable hub

    ii) eliminate drivetrain wear and pay for itself in the process

    iii) dishless build makes for a stronger wheel too

    To add to the mix, the only time I’ve ever seen a king, it had more play than a pac man arcade cabinet.

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    Check the price of a replacement DT190 freehub before buying the actual hub. If memory serves the part alone costs more than a pair of Hopes.

    DT240 – available in 6 bolt though axle choice a bit restrictive once made.


    Im selling a pair of BNIB kings should you go that route 🙂

    Premier Icon Northwind

    I’d stick with my DTs tbh, light enough, reliable, (mostly) easy to spanner, easy to get parts for… Kings are nice but they’re not a company I want to give money to frankly.


    Profile Elite Mtb Hub


    It’s got to be a Rohloff, really – not some bling thing that takes a normal cassette. That’s not ultimate reliability.


    I alway had in my mind that I9 hubs were the nuts, but seeing as no one mentioned them I guess not!

    Premier Icon epicyclo


    Dump the disk.

    Sturmey-Archer drum brake hub. Used on industrial bikes the world round.


    got a DT240 here with proper wibbly bearings or freehub that need replacing. to do it myself I’ll need a tool and I don’t feel confident about doing it either. to talk to the lbs about it, they just talk about the mechanic hating them and it being more expensive than buying a new hub or prefering world war 3. perhaps, if you know of stuff about hubs and have the tools a DT240 is great! and a runner forever? But as a hub fiddling pleb, it’s a less hassle to buy a deore hub and replace it than sort the 240. I can’t just pop the bearings in and out can I? or can you just “replace” the freehub?

    For a winner of best hub.. these questions wouldn’t occur

    dmr revolver if they still do them. Love mine. Keep the change.

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    I run goldtec Draco hubs. Can’t fault them at all.

    Premier Icon coolhandluke

    Can’t knock King although I wouldn’t buy one now, way too expensive.

    I bought my rear for £240 new on offer about four years ago, from Stiff.

    I also got the expensive tool eventually.

    When I wanted to bolt my axel up, King did the parts (fun bolts), easy change
    When I almost bought a frame that was 142mm x12mm thru axel, King did the parts, ok they were £80 but at least I could have still used my hub! I like the way it can grow with bike design changes, so far anyway.

    I’ve “serviced” it once. It didn’t need it, once the inside was open, it was mint, after 3 years and 2 Alp trips.

    The engagement is nice and swift, the noise is nice, although louder would be better.

    I posted on here that I liked the hub but the RRP (then about £340) it wasn’t worth it. I still feel that way. If you find a reduced one, maybe it’s worth it.

    As far as the engineering goes, I can’t fault it.

    Premier Icon takisawa2

    Surly Singlespeed hubs here. Have been on a few years. Not had to open them up for any reason. Running a White Industries freewheel. I think they weigh more than the rest of the bike though.
    I dont believe they fall in to the money no object category though. 🙂

    I recall listening to the audio call-ins from the Tour Divide this year, & there was one pretty peed off chap who had to drop out of the race due to a King hub failing. 😕

    I’d probably spec XTR if money was actually no object, but I’ve promised myself a wheelset with red hubs next time. 🙂

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