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  • what medium sized petrol car?
  • Premier Icon rickmeister

    That L and K is a great cat.. check if it has a dpf and if not, I would see it as a keeper. At 4k value, the material worth of the car way outstrips the cash value…

    Plan B for me if it has a dpf, would be to consider a reputable dpf delete which will save a heap of cash over changing the car.


    I think you’re doing the right thing going for petrol, the Honda is a good choice.
    I’d ignore what taxi drivers do personally. If you know how a DMF works, you would not be running at low revs everywhere and leaving it idling for 20 mins at a time. Of course you can replace with a solid flywheel, if you want your car to vibrate like a shitty old taxi at low revs.

    Premier Icon sadexpunk

    just been on the skoda forums, and discovered my engine doesnt have a DPF, which is a relief. so, probably not as important that i swap.

    ill still keep an eye out for a decent civic i think, but wont actively try selling mine first just yet.

    thanks a lot


    Sorry, going to piss on your Civic flavoured chips….

    We had a Mk1 1.6 petrol Zetec Focus new to 60k miles. Fantastic. Gutless but sweet to drive and got about 38mpg. No issues at all.

    Changed for a Mk2 2.0l diesel Zetec Focus new to 60k miles. Great to drive and ~45mpg. However, alternator, EGR valve, DMF and 2 clutches later we got a….

    1.8 petrol Civic. Not as nice as the Focus. Plasticky and cheaper feeling, squeaks and rattles, engine gutless unless thrashed, crap vis out back, harsh suspension and too light steering assistance. Up side? It looks nice, gets about 40mpg, the back seat is genius and nothing has badly gone wrong in 25k miles from new (well apart from squeaky rear suspension – a known issue and a failed blower fixed under warranty).

    Bit disappointed really. Had Honda bikes for years and they’ve been like Swiss watches. Their cars, hmmmmm.

    Premier Icon slowoldman

    My mechanic does not rate VAG group cars at all, particularly for rural driving, I’m in a similar position, (£4000 ish to spend) and he is warning me off diesel and VAG cars at all costs, he particularly dislikes their suspension, and says he changes more shock absorbers and broken springs on them than anything else, by a long way

    Well my mechanic says if more people bought VAG he’d have less work to do – so there.
    My 147k mile Passat estate has had links and bushes but never a spring or damper. I’m inclined to think these days electrical issues are the big problem in high mileage cars – and I don’t know if any makes are particularly good or bad in that area.


    What’s with the instant slagging of French stuff
    I have a citrone c2 1.6 petrol and it’s the most reliable / cheapest to run car I’ve had
    The worst was an a4 1.8 t closely followed by my current golf tdi
    Once vag stuff may have been worth the premium but not anymore

    Doing the same trips c2 does 45 ish average and the golf 42mpg
    The petrol one is far cheaper and has no dmf etc

    Premier Icon takisawa2

    I’d buy a French petrol car, but not one loaded with electric gizmos though.
    Best car we ever had was a petrol Corolla, but that wasn’t exactly hassle free due to oil sludge. Once sorted (by me), it went on to do another 50k miles in typical boring Toyota fashion. 🙂

    Premier Icon PePPeR

    I’m a nothing wrong with French cars person too. They only assemble the damp things, the parts that tend to go wrong are always parts supplied to other manufacturers too, ie fuel injectors and electrical parts.

    They come cheap compared to the VW/Ford cars and we’ve had no issues at all, my wife drives a Renault Laguna it’s the lowest spec, so no daft electronic handbrake and no dpf, it’s brilliant economical and cheap to run.

    I tend to buy 3 year old ex lease vehicles, cars that generally aren’t being got rid of due to a problem!

    Premier Icon PePPeR

    Bugger, too late to edit, excuse the auto correct on my phone please 😉

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