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  • flatfish

    recently bought an oregan 450 over the dakota as i thought the screen was lacking resolution against the oregan, got the mapping bundle after first resisting it but have to say i'm loving it now. didnt test drive the others so can't comment on them.

    I use Mapyx Quo for digital mapping. they have released a range of Lowrance devices too which look good.

    Premier Icon Blurboy

    Had a Garmin 705 and didn't like it at all. Now got a Satmap. Maps can be pricey but love the system. Also like the fact that it's not got a touch sensitive screen and seems fairly robust. They have just started releasing European maps as well – just bought the 1:25000 map that covers Murcia to Gib with a trip to Sierra Espuna booked for October.


    I'm looking at the Satmap, memory map2800 and the Garmin dakota. But can I fnd a site that compares all of them, can I ****…

    Peeps, can you give us your unbaised reviews fothe kit, and the software that you use..

    Many thanks


    I'd been pondering this decision for ages but finally went for a Satmap and I've been very happy with my purchase.

    The others I considered were the Oregon 400/450, Dakota 20, Memory Map Adventurer and the new Lowrance Endura.

    I decided against the Endura as new GPS systems always seem to suffer software bugs and I don't fancy being let down. It was only launched this week so there are bound to be teething problems.
    The Memory Map unit gets some pretty poor user reviews due to software and hardware problems so got ruled out early on.

    The Satmap unit is incredibly easy to operate and has an excellent bike mount. Maps aren't the cheapest but I managed to get the North of England and Scottish lowlands/borders 1:50k maps for £70 for the 2. I always carry a 1:25k OS map still so if I'm not 100% sure I can use the 10 digit grid reference from the Satmap to double check. I will probably invest in the 1:25k maps for my local area at some point but the 1:50k is fine 95% of the time.

    Got a Dakota – lots of useful functions, and 50k OS mapping, but the screen is a little small and tough to read in the sun. Not sure how the others compare. I would buy it again though, but would have a look at the Oregon too.

    Also, Dakota requires and update to Memory Map to use. Might not be an issue for you, but if you were using version 4 or 5, there might be certain reasons why you wouldnt want to upgrade…


    @agentdagnamit "tough to read in the sun" – we'll that won't be a problem where I tend to cycle, however waterproofness is my overriding concern 🙂

    The Dakota is the one that would get my money based on on-line reviews and what I've seen in the shops. However I still can't bring myself to pay £££ for what is essentially a gadget. I can't think of a genuine reason to buy one apart from the gadget factor – a quick print out or purchase of an OS map is good enough for me.


    I've got a Dakota and its fantastic for following a route on, its a great size to sit on the stem out of the way and easy to refer to when you need to.

    The screen is too small to do any real planning of routes, but its enough to check things on to get a clear view of where to go.

    Premier Icon BadlyWiredDog

    Satmap. Or ViewRanger on a Nokia smartphone if you have one already. The Memory Map unit is pretty hopeless. The Garmin stuff is like a conventional GPS unit with OS mapping as an afterthought and the screen is too small plus the menu system looks intuitive, but is actually a pain in the backside to use. I've used all three you mention, and if what you want is a map on a screen with an intuitive interface and easy to use menu in a reasonably rugged package, the Satmap works best ime. Not cheap though and you have to pay extra to use the online route planner. Plus they still haven't managed Mac compatability yet despite promising it from the launch onwards.

    Just done a test on my Dakota, it's actually harder to read in semi darkness than in the sun, the backlight really isnt bright enough.

    Small and waterproof, doubles up as a bike computer as it mounts tidily on the stem.


    Looking to swap my 705 for something else. Is the satmap bike mount in the box?

    Can you upload routes into the satmap from something like memory map?


    Premier Icon Mr Agreeable

    You can upload .gpx routes to the Satmap by converting them to .map files. The software to do this comes bundled with the unit and it's no hassle if you have a PC, but might be a problem if you use a Mac.

    I *think* they do a bundle with the bike mount in, if not it's another twenty quid or so.


    Thanks Mr Agreeable

    I've got Memory map on a PC so that all sounds fine.

    I'm tempted to get one now, selling the 705 to part fund. I'm not using the training features of the 705 and the map reading part of it isn't that great (nor intended to be)


    Premier Icon Vortexracing

    noticed that not a lot of folks are using the memory map adventurer.

    are they really that bad?

    and more importantly, anybody know if you can load the maps you already have on the PC memory map, therefore saving buying them for the adventurer

    Premier Icon leffeboy

    FWIW the satmap looks very lovely and I agree with the comments about the 705 interface being really rather poor, but I still love my 705 for 3 reasons:
    Battery life is awesome
    Openstreetmap data.

    I know that the openstreetmap data can be a bit incomplete but generally it works well and it means that I can always get a hold of a map when I need it. Also, if you're up for some geekness, you can alter the maps to only show the stuff you care about e.g. pubs, bike shops and trails.

    If you don't want to do the geek thing then openmtbmap.org has done a quite amazing job in building maps that are marked up specifically for mountainbiking

    I have an Oregon, it is an excellent unit. Menus are intuative, the touch screen control is awesome and works well with gloves.

    The screen is also fine in bright sunlight, just turn the screen brightness down (one button) and its great. And i live in Perth (WA) which i believe is the sunniest city in the world 🙂

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