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  • What kind of protection do you a c t u a l l y need? (PassPortesSoleil)
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    sounds like an umbrella would be a good choice of protection this year!

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    Just got back from the passportes. It was bloody cold!!!! did the event on Friday, it was relatively dry, Snow on the high areas around Champrey, fell into a snow drift too. The lifts were cold in the rain. Loads of the single track around chatel was closed due to snow damage to the trails.
    It rained Saturday, loads of people gave up due to poor weather, and we heard a few stories of people bieng medivac off the mountains due to hypothermia! 😯

    All good fun..


    It’d be odd to get hypothermia on the mountains unless your bike was buggered or you were injured and you couldn’t ride down. My main problems with the cold was on the lifts. On Saturday when I got off the last lift of my day, my teeth were chattering.


    Did it on Friday and could not moan at the weather looking at what had to be contended with on Sat – the final rooty decent into Morzine was muddy enough Friday if good fun. Get the impression the Mossettes decent and Panaramic trail were shut due to snow which was a shame.

    Will consider something other than a Bfe if I do it again 😀


    I wore a full face with POC knee and elbow pads last year.

    The only reason I was glad to have the full face on the PPdS event day was because temps dropped to 6c and it rained the whole way round.

    The event is very tame… more like fire roads.

    Rode it last year, knee, elbow pads and a full face nowt else really but I did swap to flats for weeks break.

    1 fall going over bars and only damage was fingers caught between bar and brake level which none of the above helped *sigh*

    Got to agree with GSp very tame route and bar a couple of areas you can’t access other than during event this year I’m going when its not on to save the beer tokens and just buying a lift pass.


    – didn’t crash -> armour not tested 🙂
    – should’ve armoured bike though -> patch of rubbed down paint on upper right chainstay 😐
    – no issue with stones being shot at shins here -> maybe was too slow 😉

    – fit of POC knee-pads and evoc back-pack excellent, no complaints
    – should’ve brung longer/wider shorts than Endura Singletrack, caused some chuffing between lower leg seam and upper knee-pad edge

    – Sunday didn’t rain but still quite muddy at places
    – Monday better plus no queues
    – great fun both days
    – still suffer from berms delirium 😀
    – and brake bump shock 😡


    The event is very tame… more like fire roads.

    You surely have to be kidding? I mean, “tame” is relative and if that was very tame by your standards then kudos to you. No really, BUT “More like fire roads”??? Are you sure you did the whole loop?
    The Serpentine berms are more like fire roads? If the fire roads in your area are as 3-dimensional as this share the secret and we will all come along and indulge.
    The rooty bit through the woods to Morzine is more like fire roads?
    The boulders hiding in the mud were like a fire road?
    Did you do the DH bits?




    Berm delirium on film from last year:

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    It’s all down to how carried away you are likely to get. Knees are probably a sensible minimum if you stay on the ground most of the time and ride within your ability.

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