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  • What is it about lock-on grips that you love?
  • D0NK
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    been using lock ons for ages, easy on/off for faff/component swap (which I do fairly regularly) and secure the rest of the time – previous grips (few years back) used to move about in the wet. They are a chunk of weight tho, can be a bit pricey and they are a bit harder on your hands but as I always wear gloves and generally have several inches of front sus it’s not really an issue.

    Having said that, I won a set of ESI grips, stuck them on my ss and they haven’t budged so I may get some more of those when my lockons wear out.

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    I suppose for me it’s habit, going back 10 years or more, non-locking grips were a fuggin’ liability, at best they’d squirm and move around on the bar, at worst you’d find yourself holding a grip that wasn’t attached any more. Bought my first set of ODIs in about 2007 and have been locked on ever since.

    Recently a mate bought a set of, I think, Raceface grips that use a sort of double sided tape to fit, they seem to work and they’re softer and thinner than mine.

    Ultimately though, grips have never been a big thing for me, I’m completely none fussy about them, lock-ons don’t cost much and they last years for me.

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    I like a single-end lock-on me.
    The very slight twist gives me a bit of hand suspension……..possibly.

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    Happy with lock-on moabs, but prefer the feel of esi chunkies. But the esi’s are fragile – a couple of tree interfaces and they are tatty. I then turn them around so the tatty bits are in-board, eeking out a bit more life for their quite high cost.

    Dream grip – esi chunky, but made out of durable things.

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    I thought I’d like single ring lock ons but I missed being able feel the end of the bar properly before being on it.

    I’ve got short fingers though so have to use thin grips, and I’ve been getting a bit of tingling post ride on the new bike, the forks are better than the old ones so I think I’ve just been hammering it harder, so I might give some foamies a go if they’re cheap enough

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    ergon GE1. single bolt, great shape, look good.

    whats not to like.

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    I didnt know you could get anything but lockon grips for a mtb these days.
    I used to use slide on ones back in the 80’s on my bmx, secured with a spray of deodorant if I recall, helped them on then dried to hold them in place.
    I wouldn’t want to go back to that.

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    Never used lockons, but prefer thickish rubber ones for a bit more cushioning.
    Dont have problems with grips spinning since I started using damp start silicone spray to stick them on.

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    It used to be a royal pain putting on normal grips.. Kettle of water, soak the grip in it, take it out, dry it, spray hair spray on the bar, try and slide it on and only get half way.. And that was the easy part! Taking them off was a right pain in the arse!

    Now with lock ons its slide it on, tighten 2 allen bolts, job done….

    Oh I’ve got some shitty shifters that have to be slid on the bars.. undo the two lock on bolts, slide off, slide shifter on, slide on grips, tighten the bolts.

    That is a hell of a lot easier than getting a hot bowl of water, resting one grip in the hot water then try and take it off and end up scratching the bars from using a screwdriver to try and remove the grips, sometimes resulting in cutting the damn things off then going and buying some more… 🙄

    I don’t understand the reasoning for not using lock ons.

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    Milkie – Member

    I don’t understand the reasoning for not using lock ons.

    If I could find any I liked as much as the ESIs I’d be happy to use them… But lock-ons are just inevitably harder, or fatter, or both, they need structure to work which standard grips don’t. ESIs are nothing but grip

    Some people don’t get on with locking grip rings, depends on hand position that. Never bothered me personally.

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    I much prefer basic rubber grips – maybe it’s BMX nostalgia ..

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