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  • What full suss for £2500 – £3000
  • Basically due to a clinical Negligence claim that has been won I’m awaiting the money to go in my account I’m looking to use some to fund a new bike.

    What’s the best bike I can buy for the above amount, mainly trail centre and local riding but looking to expand my riding and maybe do some harder stuff.

    Any ideas the lower budget would be better.


    What size frame? There’s a cracking looking Nicolai Helius AC 650 in large over in the classifieds.

    I’m 5ft 10 and ride a medium (18 inch Hardtail) at the moment.

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    That Nic would possibly fit you. Short in the top tube.

    If I had a spare £3k I’d be all over that….

    Transferrable 5yr warranty on the frame too


    Giant trance all the way

    I would heartily recommend my Whyte T129 Works. £2600. It’s the best bike I’ve had and I’ve had a few.


    That Nicolai in the classifieds is an amazing buy. My perfect bike.

    Lovely team Hope 5 in there too.

    World is your oyster at that price.

    Maybe spend £2200 on the new Camber Evo 29r?

    I have heard good things about the Whyte. The Nicolai looks ace bit I suspect it maybe gone by time the money enters my account.

    Should I go with the new wheel fads of 650b or 29er. It’s main playground will be local moors but I would like to do somewhere in Europe this year or next. Looking for something that will be a do it all (well most) trail bike.


    http://bit.ly/1eA7zV1 Mega bike for the money


    I’m quite excited by the on one codeine it sounds like they have spent some time on designing this one. Apparently you should be getting pike X01 and CCDB for about 2.5k

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    Some cracking deals still on at Evans’ at the moment on all sorts of bikes.

    Might be worth seeing if you can grab something from there. They might let you test ride first as well?

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    Op I see you are in Bolton

    I have a lovely team hope orange five which is for sale.

    I am in Halifax, so not far away if you want to take a look

    If you check my profile and activity it should show you the advert.

    Good luck and enjoy it, whatever you get


    Hi bwfc4eva868

    Sorry to hear you had the trauma of a clinical negligence case to go through.

    My advice would be to spend a little less on the bike and use the proceeds to take it on holiday somewhere. That way you can have the bike and the memories to replace those you have from the incident itself.

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    I got a brand new Orange 5 pro with reverb for £3k. She’s a beauty so far! Deals are out there to be had….


    Seconded for spending less on the bike. I built up an ace Nukeproof mega for about 1500 and once it is dirty and covered in mud and you have crushed a few bits on rocks it does not matter how much you have spent. The biggest part of spending more is probably more intensive retailer therapy.


    Alloy Tall Boy with XT group set on the Santa Cruz Demo Sale £2700.

    The Tall Boy is a great bike.

    Aye good advice on spending less. Maybe £1500 to £2000 max. My partner hasn’t been abroad for 15 years. So with revised budget. Has to be new though.


    Once more, giant trance all the way. 🙂

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    Camber Evo or Stumpy Evo.

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