What fattish, fast 700c road tyre?

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  • What fattish, fast 700c road tyre?
  • Premier Icon Northwind

    Gathering bits for a new commuting bike, short fast commute so not looking for something armoured, just fast and a bit of fat as I’m too much of a mountain biker for skinny tyres…

    I’ve been using 26 inch kojaks for a while and pretty impressed, they’re light but yet to puncture, so tempted to go straight to the 35c version… Not sure I want to go as far as a Supermoto or similiar. But I know, essentially, ****-all about tarmac things and everything I do know is wrong so… What else should I look at?

    Edric 64

    Gatorskin folders in 28mm or 32 mm?

    Premier Icon ton

    vittoria randonuer (sp?)
    panaracer pasela


    Conti Sport Contacts are amazing, they do up to 37mm and they’re super fast. Never had a puncture on mine either in 2 years of commuting and touring.


    As above, there are loads.

    35mm is kind of wide, I run 25 front 28 rear.

    I went from 26″ Kojaks to 700c Kojaks for my commute and wasn’t disappointed! As you say, great tyres 😀


    +1 on 700*35 kojaks, I have these on my commuter


    Best all round road tyre I’ve used is the Conti GP 4000s; good enough to race on, lasts forever, available in lots of sizes, bloody great.

    Premier Icon GrahamS

    I’m running Conti 4 Season in 28mm. Decent tyres.


    Running cont gatorakins 25mm on my fixie. They seem fine. Went tour of flanders on the a few years ago. A few friends swear by specialized roubaix tyres. They seem to come up quite big for a given width.

    Premier Icon Northwind

    OK, cheers folks- think I will stick to the fatter end of the recommendations and there’s enough kojak-love to convince me there, sorted. Off to bikediscount!

    Premier Icon misterduncan

    Schwalbe Marathons.

    They are sticky, puncture resistant and will last forever. The pluses are solid, but heavy, but that’s not a problem for commutes. The Supremes are much lighter, but more expensive (I did find some for £25 each though recently).

    Premier Icon BigDummy

    I have 35mm Kojaks also – very keen.

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