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  • lozbrown


    So I’m planning on servicing my forks for myself for the first time becuase I’m skint (bloody upcoming wedding) and It’ll be a nice little job for me over the Xmas holidays. I’ve already spent some time grinding down my 32mm socket

    I’ve read here that the Expensive for 10wt Red oil can be replaced with all kind of things that are much cheaper. But in all honesty it’s pretty confusing and a search for the names given tends to lead to 3 or 4 products with similar names

    Can anyone add links to the oils they use/recomend for this job

    I found this one but not sure if it’s the right thing

    Premier Icon Andy R

    That link ^^^^ is engine oil – you want fork oil. Any motorcycle dealer should have something suitable, I always use Motul but other makes are available, of course.

    Premier Icon survivor

    I’ve always used Stendec suspension oil in all my forks. Think chain reaction sell it now so easy to get good of.

    Premier Icon Northwind

    Fox red is silkolene rsf 10w and that can be a fair bit cheaper to buy (the green is a torco, I forget which)

    Damper oils get more complicated because no two 10W fork oils perform the same, there’s a huge range of viscosities, temperature responses etc. So you could easily replace your current fluid with something that at a glance looks like it’ll perform the same but will turn out to give less or more damping.


    So have i misunderstood…?

    is it the green one people suggest useing all kinds of things for?


    Red is used for dampers only and the alternative, as stated above is Silkolene Pro RSF 10wt – however, you don’t want to be using this for lubrication in the lowers as it’s not very smooth (high Viscosity Index which means the oil remains stable at higher temps gives the downside of poorer lubricity).

    Green is the one you want for the lowers – and again, as stated above it’s Torco (labeled by them as rear shock oil as I recall). However, Torco is hard to come by in the UK by my experience the genuine Fox Green oil works out just as cheap.

    You can of course use other oils such as Stendec, Rock Oil etc etc.


    Depends what fork you’re servicing, we can supply you with small volumes (120ml/250/1000ml) of various WT oil to suit what you need reasonably cheaply.
    Feel free to give us a call at the workshop.
    Cheers Simon.


    Hi Guys

    Its a 2010 Talas III 36mm 160 R, (the basic ish one with no additional knobs).

    But I’m planning to do the rear shock aswell

    Ok, so my shopping list is

    Bottle of Fox 10wt green – £16.49 – for the lowers
    Bottle of Silkolene pro RSF £12.00 – for the damper
    Bottle of Float Fluid – £13 – for lubing other bits
    Tube of RSP slick kick – £7.90 – greasing seals
    Wiper seal kit – 24

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)

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