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  • What do you do over the winter?
  • Premier Icon votchy

    Oh and I take a thermos of tea out

    Tea from a flask is gopping!!!


    Love the more challenging conditions in the winter. Still don’t clean the bike, just look after the chain and the mud protects the rest. I have the beard but not the legs for singlespeed.

    fatsimon mk2

    no beard
    clean more often
    3/4 length shorts + waterproof socks
    charge lights more often
    use more anglo-saxson swear words when falling off 😯


    Love the winter. The rain. The snow. The mud. The puddles. The ‘being outside in the bracing elements’ feel of it.

    Full size gloves (waterproof) and socks (waterproof) were out at the weekend.

    Then many layers.

    Then the merino base layers.

    Then the neoprene shoe/boot covers.

    Rohloff hub. No bother at all (considering switching it to full on SS in the coming weeks though).


    About 1 mile from home, here at the top end of the Peaks.

    Premier Icon jam bo

    go kayaking.

    ride when the rivers are dry.


    Tea from a flask is gopping!!!

    true dat. thermos of hot orange squash ftw. my mates think i am weird though 🙁


    Bloody great time of year for road riding. No ones abroad no ones racing as much the pace id slower and the countryside looks beautiful.

    Premier Icon mintimperial

    AndrewBF, that’s one valley over from me, my regular loop goes round those hills there. I shall keep an eye out for hub gears.

    I’ve met two people off of here whilst out and about on my bike in the past week. Small world…

    I’m going to get one of those £10 trangias from Clas Ohlsen for mid ride tea/coffee’s anoyingly I already have a £50 original grrrrrrrrrr.

    Frozen I like, its the soggy muddy intermediate I cant stand!


    Head for the beach 😮
    i ride more in winter than summer as work shorter hours,
    prefer it real cold than real hot…colder the better 😮
    i stay away from muddy trails where unessecery damage is likely,stick to sandy coastal trails,
    nightride 3 nights a week and beachriding most weekends…
    beaches are always clean,often near deserted and stunningly scenic on a crisp clear day 😮

    Edric 64

    I do the same riding as in Summer still wear shorts(longs are for pansies) but may wear long sleeves.

    Premier Icon epicyclo

    The trick with winter riding is to do the ‘Puffer 24hr.

    After that anything feels like summer 🙂

    Same as normal. Well, apart from the fact I spend much more time charging batteries, washing kit and much less time staying upright.

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