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  • Ok Alex,

    So first ride on the spitfire tonight and it’s everything I hoped it would be. The ks suspension design is awesome, very little bob when the climb switch is turned off on the ccdb, what bob there is doesn’t sap your energy like some designs. Going down though it’s awesome and really shines. It’s not as heavy as I thought it would be too which is great and you don’t feel the weight of it going up the hill.

    The ccdb is super plush and is unbelievably better than the rp23 that was on my Meta I had before this. I could do with a bit more air in the shock though as I was going through the travel a bit easily tonight, however not once did it feel like I bottomed it out or was it harsh. It was definitely playful off the jumps but not as poppy as I wanted but that I think was due to needing to put some more air in the shock.

    I’ve stuck some x-fusion sweeps up front. Whilst a bit harsh because they’re not bedded in properly, they’re a great fork and so far look like they’re a good pairing for the ccdb.

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    Sounds great ultimateweevil! Thanks for coming back (been on holiday in the highlands for a week).

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    So over the last few months

    canyon nerve am model now replaced by spectral
    Orange 5
    Trek fuel
    SC blur tr (for about 2 minute)
    Transition bandit 27.5
    Covert 27.5

    Picking up my new bandit frame next week!

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    ndg – what shock did you go for on the knolly?

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    CTD, kind of wish I’d gone CCBD Air though.

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    ta – Just been in touch with the UK Knolly guy. Wardens arriving any day.
    Might not be able to deal with my preferred bike shop though, so that might put it out of contention. Planning a demo though.


    S Cruz Highball Carbon
    S Cruz LTc
    S Cruz Tallboy

    Giant TCX Advanced1 Carbon
    Cervelo R5ca

    Figure 😆



    Commencal Meta 5.5
    Cube Reaction SL GTC 29er
    Rockrider 5.2 (converted it to singlespeed)
    Ibis Mojo HDR 650b
    On One Fatty
    Specialized Big Hit



    Went to one shop and told that ‘maybe’ I could demo 1 bike for a few minutes if it was dry. Demo’d nothing.

    Went to second place and was told I could try out what I liked:

    Bought Scott CX Comp

    Scott CX Comp
    Cannondale CaadX (twice, different sizes)
    Pinnacle Arkose One + Two


    Demoed nothing

    Bought Banshee Rune.

    Awesome bike, that does everything, you have to work it but by god it’s fun.

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    Ndg – I’ve got an endorphin which I love and agree with your opinion of it. I had a fox ctd and swapped it for a ccdba cs- it has transformed the bike to an even higher level.

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