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  • What Carbon/light alloy CX/Gravel wheels?
  • Premier Icon epo-aholic
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    Finding it difficult to find something ‘that ticks most boxes’ for my CX bike. Seem to be mostly running 40mm Nano’s for monster duties currently but will likely race again early next year. Ideally they’d run tubeless and be tough/light……moon on a stick?

    Thinking of Reynolds ATR, DT RC Spline 28/38’s….. but a bit of a stretch £££-wise especially if there’s something else out there at a fraction of that cost?

    thanks muchly in advance……ta!

    Premier Icon orangeboy
    Free Member

    Think they are now discontinued but might be on offer , I use stans race gold 29er wheels on the cross bike
    they are 29er mtb xc wheels ( assuming your disc )

    Mine are a few years old and doing ok

    Premier Icon Nipper99
    Free Member

    Ive just bought a set of the Hunt gravel wheels.

    Premier Icon skeletor
    Free Member

    I’m using Kinesis wheels for CX purposes which have proved to be reasonably light and solid, just not particularly fancy. The newer ones (version 4?) are tubeless-ready and come in light or heavy-duty options. Come in at £350 but you might find them cheaper.

    Premier Icon plus-one
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    I’m running hope evo’s on stans iron x rims for 2 years now Jb

    Raced on them with 32mm tubeless tyres now set up with 45mm front/40mm rear and been great

    Not too pricey either 🙂

    Premier Icon crashtestmonkey
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    posted in similar thread by just had my 5th front wheel (alloy) nipple failure on my Crosslights. I’m 65kg.

    Premier Icon Dibbs
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    I’ve been using Mavic Kysrium Pro disc’s for a couple of years now not the cheapest around by a long shot but they’ve handle a considerable beating without problem.

    Premier Icon GHill
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    posted in similar thread by just had my 5th front wheel (alloy) nipple failure on my Crosslights.

    Had my crosslights rebuilt with brass nips after the first one failed.

    Premier Icon steve_b77
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    I’m running Superstar built Stans Grail on their hubs, light enough and certainly tough enough for racing CX and trail riding

    Premier Icon reggiegasket
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    I run LB carbons on Hope on my weenie 29er.

    If you want alloy rims then the new HPlusSon Hydra looks tempting.

    Premier Icon jimdubleyou
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    My LBS just built up some DT Swiss 350s with The Hydra rims – about £380.

    Went for my first proper ride with them at the weekend and they were lovely. Time will tell if they are up to the abuse I will certainly put them through.

    Premier Icon BadlyWiredDog
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    Maybe a little dull, but I’ve been running a set of Hope Hoops Crest 29ers for around three years now on my cross bike. They’ve worked fine with converted and tubeless ready tyres down to 32mm and just seem to carry on quite happily.

    I’ve also got a set of the last generation Kinesis Crisslight discs and they’ve also been fine. The latest ones are tubeless ready.

    Guess it all depends on how much you have to spend.

    Premier Icon epo-aholic
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    cheers for the idea’s guys……think i’m gonna go down the handbuilt ally route.

    Premier Icon mick_r
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    Me and Mrs are running Novatec CXD wheels (one set clincher, one tubs) with no problems. Seem very well built and still straight and tight (come with graphs of spoke tension, trueness etc). They were recommended by Ride On at Rawtenstall – they have a good reputation for wheelbuilds and workshop but have been pushing lighter riders to the CXDs as they worked out better g/£.

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