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  • What bike challenge for next year?
  • dunmail

    What about one of the challenges here – http://www.selfsupporteduk.net/ ?

    Premier Icon Northwind

    Glentress Seven is a really good one- a sensible length for a first time solo, always been excellent courses, and also dare I say it not as oversold and not as full of roadies-on-knobblies as some endurance-type races so less traffic jams while everyone carries their bike over a stick. I swore off these sort of things but I’ve done the Seven every year (mostly with free entry for services rendered to digging oles) and it’s almost dragged me back in.

    Have you considered getting a 650b bike and going #enduro?

    Premier Icon somouk

    I ride a 29er hardtail at the moment and would want to ride on that. I’ll have a look at the glentress seven, my brother lives up that way and enjoys a bike ride too so might be able to rope him in.

    Those self supported routes also look interesting as a simple way of getting in to long distance riding.


    Tour de Ben Nevis, basic support, 7hrs ish in the saddle, 42miles in deepest scottish back country. or for free you could do Tweedlove Natural Tweed ride instead of glentress 7 which is just lap race


    Doing two long distance routes on the tripster next year

    St malo to nice in 6 days in May and Utah / Death Valley to mates house in California in August

    Flipping excited!!

    Getting more into long distance road self supported adventures me thinks

    Can’t wait for inspired to ride the movie to come out!!!

    Premier Icon dknwhy

    I’m with Scandalous ^^^. Bit of self-styled adventure is where it’s at.
    Pick 2 places and ride between them.

    This site is great for just picking 2 random places and getting a linear/circular route to export onto the gps.


    To the OP: what was your running event and how far was it? Terrain, etc.

    Premier Icon somouk

    Last year I did a running event, this year I’m doing tough mudder so what physical type event should I do next year?

    I’d prefer something on a bike as despite it being my favourite pass time I’ve never taken part in any real events since being a teenager.

    I’m after something challenging but doesn’t require too much support. I’m also no racing whippet so will be staying away from fast XC races, maybe a 12 hour solo or something?


    SDW in a day?
    SDW double?

    However I still think the best bike related challenge I’ve ever heard of was the Boris Bike up Ventoux

    Premier Icon Tiger6791

    Welsh Ride Thing?

    Premier Icon spud-face

    Tuck it under and be the first girl to Rampage?

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