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  • TurnerGuy

    GTasks – useful


    Google Goggles is bonkers.. just hold your camera over a books barcode..
    Endo is becoming my new best friend, it works, doesn’t nerf my battery too much neither.
    PowerAmp is blistering in its eq output,
    Angry Birds cos’ thats good on trains,
    Google Translator does what is says on the, erm, tin.
    Find Sta*bucks, works, though i’m not a fan of sta*bucks
    Sky+ is utterly brilliant
    Samsung kies air for simple sync
    Little Photo for photo enhancements
    Picasa for uploadability
    Torrent for erm playing torrents
    TuneInRadio for a spectrum of internet radio
    OS maps, says it all
    Movie Finder is handy when it’s raining outside

    Google SkyMaps and Heavens Above for astro freaks

    Premier Icon Cougar

    +1 for Sky Maps and PowerAmp.

    Google My Tracks is ace for free.


    quickgo for typing addresses to navigate to quickly when the phone is on a car dashboard (I’m biased though, I wrote it!)

    Premier Icon kimbers

    google sky pointless but fun
    seismos is cool but pointless
    sportypals is useful for tracking my rides round london town and comparing whats the quickest route etc
    but my absolute favourite is this

    coz im a geek

    On a Xoom tablet;
    Angry Birds – Obviously! Great timewaster
    BA.com – Really useful for travelling
    Alchemy – Rather fun, witty game

    Also useful – DVD Catalyst – file converter. Very good!


    dolphin browser – its a good browser
    marvin spectrum emulator – to tell you those games really were shyte
    sky+ – when you forgot to record something
    mytrails – OS maps which work offline
    rocket bunnies – good game
    intercall conference dialler (well, it is a work phone)

    Premier Icon Bez

    In alphabetical order:

    Battery Graph – useful when figuring out what eats battery

    Dolphin HD – best web browser by a mile

    iPlayer – you knows it

    iNap – if you often fall asleep on the train

    Quickpic – because the HTC gallery browser stupidly always starts at your oldest pictures

    RealCalc – a proper calculator

    Tasker – 110% of awesomeness

    Twicca and Tweetcaster – the best Twitter clients IMO; former best for single account, latter for multiple

    Viewranger – the best logging, navigating and tripcomputering app

    Vignette – for setting up a page of shortcuts to useful settings, including fixed focus modes for fast shooting

    Cut The Rope. Cracking game that’s been out for ages on Jesusphone but only just out on Android. Free for now as well.


    Evernote – Great for dumping loads of info into and being able to search it on a phone or PC browser. You can send it pictures, text, and web pages from a PC or smartphone, and tag them. You can then searc/read them easily. It also does optical character recognition if you take clear enough pictures, so that you can search the text of a manual page or document that you took a photo of. Useful for taking pictures of the scraps of paper that sometimes pass for manuals, so you can throw them away.

    Llama – Once you train it, it recognises different locations and changes your phones settings appropriately, i.e Wireless off at work, bluetooth on at home, etc … can save batteries and the faff of doing this manually.

    And another vote for Viewranger, just getting into it, but very impressed with this app so far.

    Premier Icon Stoner

    cut the rope isnt free, it’s 62p to me.
    Just bought it. It had better be good sir, or you are on the naughty step! 😉

    EDIT: BTW, my top tips:

    Gin rummy: very powerful AI gameplay.
    Backgammon: same
    Dolphin browser
    RVolumeControl: easy to control volume.
    Real Calc: Proper scientific calulator
    Toddler Lock: keeps Jr from bothering me in the pub 😉
    Handcent: SMS, better than HTC
    Gmail mailbox counter: great widget that shows you unread mail number on the mail icon
    Tricorder: for wifi and 3G/GPRS sniffing
    WiFi analysis: for wifi sniffing
    Antennas: for GSM/3G mask mapping.

    Stoner, don’t suppose you’re at a loose end in the Smoke….

    Premier Icon Stoner

    Pah. Never mind!

    Another to add – Bubble Blast. Mindless, but addictive, game.

    Pah. Never mind!

    Another to add – Bubble Blast. Mindless, but addictive, game.

    Premier Icon Cougar


    Angry Birds is overrated monkeycock.


    Premier Icon Russell96

    Swype for really quick typing.


    i can only record 24hrs ahead on sky+ is this right


    My favorite is the ‘Ultimate Farts Soundboard’- theres a multitude of amusing parps and they all have ridiculous names like ‘Colon Powell’ or ‘Tuna Melt’.
    You can even set them as your phones message alert- great when it goes off unexpectedly in a crowded lift!
    And then theres the fart bomb…….

    Hours of childish fun for sad people like me!


    I have a fair few, most of these are always running in the background and i still get over a days worth of use.

    winamp – loud music player and access to shoutcast streams – great for playing music in the background whilst you do other things, and works seamlessly with my bluetooth headphones
    quake3 droid – great game and graphics
    asphalt 6 – another great game, reasonable graphics
    google goggles – for identifying those odd things
    kindle app – for reading on the train
    bbc news app – for keeping up to date
    trillian – all my messenger clients into one location (yahoo, gmail, msn, skype, twitter, etc…) synced with pc
    ebay – obvious
    kies air – turns phone into server for downloading stuff to pc /backup/managing via browser
    voice commands, esp driving mode – for reading out texts etc whilst driving etc…


    mytrails for downloading os maps mmtracker for creating routes sky remote record bar code scanners


    Drop box
    Yoo ninja
    Flixster movies
    Pocket Auctions


    OnTrack – only useful if you have diabetes as it can record bloods, insulin dosages and many other things. Been very good.


    camera zoom
    barcode scanner
    file expert
    synch now
    sugar synch
    xe currency


    Touch Calendar
    To-Do List ( integrates with Toodledo which has a good firefox plugin )
    OI Shopping list
    My Movies Pro
    Power Amp
    Shop Savvy

    DarkyROM v10.2


    android apps…..

    What are they then?



    Flight24 pro, its interesting (and definitely not sad….) to know where the planes you see above you leaving white lines are going to and coming from.

    Premier Icon bruneep

    Blast monkeys, fav game at the moment.


    On my Samsung S2:

    GoSMS. Better than the standard SMS client
    GoKeyboard. Better than the standard Samsung S2 keyboard (Gives you a comma on the main keyboard screen!)
    BatterySolo – good battery display
    Opera Mini – fast browser, useful when you have limited signal
    Advanced task killer – keeps my battery happy
    Thetrainline – free train time app.
    Mytracks – Handy gps logging thingamygig
    Angrturds -because the bloke at work likes playing it
    Plants vs Zombies (dubious legality!) fun “tower defence” type game. If you go looking for the .apk, make sure it’s the 74MB version, not a really dodgy rip-off 2.5MB one.
    BeautifulWidgets lite – A useful clock/weather widget that does what the HTC clock does.
    IMDB – Handy pub argument setting app.

    Edinburgh bus tracker.

    Can even set an alarm to get the bus, very handy for pub time.


    Aldiko ebook reader.


    Installed Oruxmaps and playing with that…good so far. Does similar to Endomondo and MyTracks but does so much more…which I’m yet to discover. Also syncs with MapMyTracks website.


    Alpinequest + an older version of Mobac on a pc to download os1:25 and 1:50k maps to the phone for free. Which may or may not be of dubious legality, so i’ll leave the details as an exercise for the interested reader…

    Premier Icon whippersnapper

    gvSIG Mini Maps – ace if you want mapping from every map provider out there

    Go – the game. Still can’t win




    google listen.

    Set to monitor 6 music podcasts, and whenever its in wifi range, downloads them.
    mine is set to store 10 only, and dumps the old ones.
    its like a constantly updating mp3 player 🙂

    still struggling to find a “tasks” list that i like that syncs with google tasks properly.
    suprised google havent pulled their fingers out and done one, as the calender and gmail is all excellent.


    Anyone got a good photo album? Looking to add folders so I can sort the 700+ pics on the card…the HTC Sense thing seems ok but doesn’t allow folders…

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