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  • What 2 MTBs would you have?
  • Rogan Josh

    Solaris 2×10 and a Bronson 1×10


    Premier Icon wwaswas

    This is a dangerous question.

    Anyone’s spouse could be reading this and suggest they get rid of all those that don’t meet their expressed criteria.

    Premier Icon andytherocketeer

    Probably a 29er fastish XC kinda HT and a 140-150ish AM trail bike (erring on the gnarly XC side of things, since I’d want/need to ride it uphill too, rather than mega hardcore uplift only).

    Solaris+Rocket or something along those lines.

    Oh and a road bike. Also wanting to trim my 4 bikes down to HT, FS and Road.


    my… Ibis Tranny


    Yeti ASR5c


    ive got two…… Cotic Simple – 120mm fox – Ibis Mojo SL – 140mm and 160mm fox dependant on mood 🙂

    wouldn’t change them given all the money in the world 🙂

    Premier Icon Northwind

    I’d have my Ragley, and… Mmm. Something very much like my Hemlock actually. I like having the dh bike as well but those 2 can do everything I ask really.

    Premier Icon ir_bandito

    Ti (belt-drive-capable) 29er with a Rohloff. Capable of running longish forks with slack HA, or shrtening up to a steeper shorter (rigid) fork.

    And a belt-drive gear-box full-sus bike, with 26″ or 650b wheels.


    Premier Icon chakaping

    If all my bikes got nicked again I’d just get a secondhand 140mm FSer, probably a Zesty – then see what gaps that left to be filled.

    Premier Icon ahwiles

    i’d have my high latitude, and a horsethief (not the new one).

    (can i keep my road bikes and bmx?)


    My Whyte 929 HT, and a Whyte T-129 (tempted by the M-109 though)… which is what I’m working towards. If I had loads of cash, a Ti copy of the 929 and a carbon 29er FS (Intense Spider maybe)

    Premier Icon letmetalktomark

    I do wish people would stop posting that Nicolai pic. I have neither the skill or need for such bike but ……


    the two that I have

    Jones space frame for big mountain days and generally yobbing about on

    and my black sheep for flat out lightweight lunacy

    Premier Icon molgrips

    I wonder how much that pipedream weighs, ir_bandito?

    Premier Icon nuttysquirrel

    Pivot Mach 6 YUM! And retain my Whyte M-109. Love it.

    Premier Icon scandal42

    I only have 1 😥

    Premier Icon scotroutes

    A short travel full-sus 29er – maybe a Spearfish
    And the Fatbike.


    shortish travel (120mm) light (<23lbs) full suss
    mid travel (150mm) strong slack lightish (<28lbs) full suss

    probably 26″ due to spares, but would be willing to try 29″ for the short travel bike (having never ridden one)


    HT Alfine/SS (have this)
    Short travel 29er (would like this)

    I’m wheelsize ambivalent after I replaced my (only) rigid SS 29er.

    Can I steal Son1’s trail bike? And keep the road bikes I’ve now replaced.

    Premier Icon onewheelgood

    Yeti ASR-5
    Cannondale Flash Ultimate 29er

    Premier Icon mattjg

    Currently have lightweight SS 29er HT and a trailsy geared 29er HT.

    I’m trying to decide if I “need” a FS – certainly for my local riding I don’t. My plan is to take the trailsy HT next time I go to Wales or somewhere rocky, and see how I get on. If the answer is ‘OK’ then I’m done.

    If I went on a trip where an FS is an “absolute must”, I may try and rent one.

    Short travel, lightweight, HT and my Nicolai

    Premier Icon molgrips

    I was daydreaming about what would happen if all my bikes got nicked again, and I reckon I’d go down to 2 MTBs from three.

    Fast 29er for XC racing but also suitable for bikepacking and long distance, and an Alpine 160.

    Premier Icon Speeder

    I’d always feel shortchanged not having a DH bike for about 3 days a year (and a possible week in the alps) 160mm just doesn’t feel the same as 200.

    So I’d say a proper DH bike and a slack 4-5″ 20-25 pound trail bike.

    Annoyingly that’s what I used to have before I consolidated to a 160mm do everything compromise.

    Oh and that Nicolai looks great – what is it?

    Fast 29er for XC racing but also suitable for bikepacking and long distance, and an Alpine 160.

    Pretty much the same for me, Salsa Mamasita (like my el mariachi, but lighter), and probably a ~130mm bike, I like my Pitch, but it’s a hefty beast, I’d rather something closer to the C’dale Prophet, but with 650 wheels as I like 29ers so much but don’t think they’d fit too well.

    650b, 130mm travel, slack, sub 6lb frame anywhere?


    i have a disk braked cx bike that gets used on the road and sensible off road with a bit of touring/bikepacking thrown in.

    also have on one fatty with a spare set of 29er wheels that is used for general bombing about in the woods and bikepacking.

    two bikes cover most of my riding although anything too rocky can get a bit tricky.


    I was going to say Niner Air 9 carbon with rigid forks and a Rohloff but now the only one with 135mm spacing doesn’t have the EBB. So maybe I’ll save some fantasy money and go for an On One Lurcher. I like having a bike to ride all year round every day in the worst conditions that’s always ready to go without needing very much doing to it. That role is currently fulfilled by a steel framed 69er but it would be nice to have something lighter.

    Second bike would probably actually be my Croix de Fer with a few upgrades to make it lighter.

    So the hardtail would have to be the one to go.


    ibis mojo hd
    ibis mojo classic carbon
    on one ti evo
    ventana el capitan 29er

    Premier Icon timidwheeler

    I have a Canyon nerve + and a whippet.


    Do it all ..29er ..and a fatty

    Premier Icon AlexSimon

    I have my 2 dream bikes from 2005.
    But 8 years on, I guess I’d take an update.

    If I had to only have 2 MTBs (and I could keep my cross bike)

    Without riding, I’d maybe go for:

    Liteville 301
    Jeff Jones ti spaceframe

    Premier Icon tomhoward

    2014 spicy team
    SC solo
    Posh steel SS

    Rule 12

    Premier Icon tthew

    Has it got to be 2 MTB’s?

    I’m thinking I could do with a 3 speed hub geared 29er with suspension forks as one do it all MTB, (i.e. like my High Latitude with a new back wheel and the suspension fitted)
    and I’d have another DayOne with road tyres and fixed gear.


    I’d have a Tallboy 2 in carbon and a rigid SSNiner Air9C.
    Thanks for asking.

    Premier Icon doug_basqueMTB.com

    Would be happy with the two I have (cove GSpot running bombers and a 29″ 100mm/120mm Al Orbea Occam. But in the spirit of not saying what I own. A Nicola Ion 16 with bombers and Mavic Sx 650bs and a Devinci Atlas Carbon 29er. The GSpot and Occam are perfect though. GSpot for big days and I can hang with the fast DH guys on it, especially with the new Bomber forks. The Occam is light and fast and I can hang with the fast XCers on the ups and the fast enduro guys on most of the downs.


    Brodie Holeshot
    Turner 5-spot


    Mmm…keep my soul but would be very tempted by a sc solo as my fs (providing i could find a good 140 fork…RS please make a 140 650b pike!)


    PP Shan for messing around in the woods
    2014 Team Spicy for messing around on an alp

    Job done i reckon 😉

    Premier Icon benji

    Yeti ARC-C to itch the 29er carbon race hardtail itch.

    Pace RC129 running singlespeed, for the traditional look singlespeed fun.

    Ooh that’s good then only the yeti to save up for 🙂

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