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  • wombat

    Is it your knees?

    I’ll check it, but I’m sure it’s more a metal on metal sound


    Mech hanger secure?
    Rear skewer tight?
    Cassette on tight enough?


    but I’m sure it’s more a metal on metal sound

    Hip replacement?

    Right I know this never works, but here goes.
    Bike, shimano XT rear and front. SRAM rear cassette (9)and SRAM chain (9. weird noise on pedalling. sounds like it’s from rear everything looks routed correctly, only noticed it with this new rear wheel. sounds like periodic chain chatter. happens more under stress (up hills) but not always.
    don’t mind if I end up with a big list to check, so be as random as you like


    Does the noise coincide with einstürzende neubauten starting to play on your ipod?

    If so, I diagnose “Feurio”.


    ..on a serious note – does it happen on all cogs on the rear cassette? And on both chainrings on the front?

    Front tyre pressure, definitely.

    Amazing how noises travel & fool you……..

    Happy pumping.

    turned all the screws at random and reset the whole thing. will take it out tomorrow for a play. sadly I cannot cycle with music playing. need to hear what’s going on.


    Have you recently changed some of the drive train. Eg. Chain or chain rings. If you have replaced some of it but not all, it could be the result of wear. Have you routed the chain through the rear derailleur correctly? Is the indexing bang on. Is the front derailleur rubbing the chain in some of the gears. I mean, if you don’t know what you’re looking for it could one of a myriad of random things.

    Premier Icon matt_outandabout

    Spoke loose? Newest bike in our house has Mavic Crossmax on, and one (loose) spoke has been making the oddest sproinking noise…

    Loose cassette?


    Collin – It MAY be the bodged plasterboard above your fireplace.

    Or the ghost of the old Nissan Almera….

    But to be fair – I’m guessing a crappy chain line might be the first thing to check. So noise from front derailer or chain chewing the cassette.

    Premier Icon rickon

    As above. Loose cassette. You’ll probably be able to move the first few rings if you try. Cassette needs decent torque, read the lock ring and use that amount, something like 20-30nm.


    Check the spokes, I had a similar noise under load and it turned out to be loose spokes.

    thanks all. It is a new cassette and new wheel set so I’ll double check spokes and that things are as tight as they should be. Being Sunday I’ll also drop into a church and see if I can get a quick exorcism, just in case it’s the Almera.

    wait a minute, bodged plastering? Oi!!


    Is the chain rubbing on the little tab on the rear mech cage? ie have you routed it correctly? Easy to get it wrong, and the way it looks like it *should* go, results in it rubbing.

    Seems to have been sorted by resetting adjustments. Think there was a nit of chain chatter at the back and a bit on the front mech. Many thanks all who suggested possible sources, even the spirit of my old car.

Viewing 18 posts - 1 through 18 (of 18 total)

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