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  • Premier Icon plumslikerocks

    I’ve been doing the 5:2 intermittent fasting diet with some success for a few months now. I was messing about with some numbers to work out how far I wanted to take it.

    I worked out that to get into the top of the “normal” BMI band, I would have to lose a total of 28lbs, which is incidentally the weight of my bike.

    I like this figure because once I get there, I can dismiss from my mind any ideas of losing weight from my bike via expensive upgrades – after all how much do people spend to lose a pound here and a pound there?!

    Feeling good for it, too! Has anyone else set themselves a biking-related target?

    Premier Icon ton

    i am trying to get down to 17 stone, from 23 stone.

    when i started last march, i could only ride for 30 minutes or so, and i am now back to commuting 12 miles a day and riding on a weekend.

    i am stuck hovering just above 18 stone tho, cant seem to get under that.

    Premier Icon Capt. Kronos

    Hmmm – I am aiming for around 18kg if I can, takes me no where close to BMI – and may be beyond realistic for my frame as it is, but that is the plan. So I guess that is close to a bike’s worth!

    I started at 198 lbs,I’d like to get down around 147,although when I met Mrs Dingo I weighed 136lbs at age 31.If I get down to goal,that’s my bike and kit for a C2C by the Wainwright route LOL

    Premier Icon Kryton57

    I’m aiming for 12st and 19% bodyfat for BORS (May) currently at 12st 13lb / 22.9.

    Premier Icon sadexpunk

    i started at 14st in october with a bloated tum, and thought 1 stone loss would see me reet 🙂
    im now at just over 12st, looking far better, but realising im gonna have to dip below 12st to lose those ‘muffin tops’ 😀 using the mirror rather than any specified target weight.

    using myfitnesspal and a good weight training prog to get there. finding it quite easy tbh, but impatient to hit that ‘turnaround point’ when i can start adding a few more cals each day to start adding lean mass slowly.

    Premier Icon Pridds

    18 months a go weighed over 20 stone. Did weight watchers for a year and got down to 14 stone. Got a bit giddy, jacked weight watchers and by Christmas had got back to 16 stone. Since then have started doing my fitness pal and am now 14stone 10. My aim is to get the top of my healthy weight which is 13 stone 4 and do the Keilder 100 this year, never raced before so might be exciting

    Premier Icon coolhandluke

    Looking at shedding 14 kg.

    On the Dukan diet (only in the week) 11kg to go, so I have lost the weight of my forks , saddle and rear mech (probably)

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)

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