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  • tarquin

    Already have a Dualit two slice toaster….


    Meh- am i the only one who rarely buys off the list anyway ? – At least for real friends. Last wedding i went to i got the very cycling couple a campag big bottle opener. They loved it and didnt even know it existed – and all cyclists like red wine 🙂

    The list is used when im going to a wedding to make up numbers to people i dont know all that wells weddings


    Hang on, I thought wedding list were about getting the essential things for starting a new life together and all that? So you have all that stuff already, then don’t ask for anything!

    I would be a bit mythed at being essentially asked to pay to turn up to a wedding.

    When Mrs FD and myself got married we didn’t ask for anything as already had the toasters etc.


    Like yourselves, Mrs Removed and I had lived together for years before getting hitched, and had everything weneeded. I campaigned for a charity donation but she was keen on big piles of new stuff. Lots of it is still in its boxes six years later…


    Bits of bike that when put together creata a new one 🙂

    Or sod all really how much crap do you want/ need in your home if you have all you need already.

    Or cash then tell everyone thakyou very much we used the money for a weekend / week away


    A few couple I know that have lived together and are in the same boat have asked for either cash or vouchers for either holidays or ikea/diy type places.


    Dont bother with a wedding list, just let people get what they want to get you.

    Premier Icon Harry_the_Spider

    Dont bother with a wedding list, just let people get what they want to get you.

    …and end up with 30 towels and 45 slotted spoons.

    We asked for Thomas Cook vouchers.

    Premier Icon jambalaya

    Personally I think a wedding list is important otherwise you end up with stuff other people want.

    My daughter recently used John Lewis and their service works well, they visit the store and use a barcode scanner to select items then the list is put up online. Surely there is an Aussie department store which you could do the same. Traditional wedding lists had quite high grade items “for best” and people could buy indidual plates etc which can be relatively cheap the trouble is you end up with an incomplete set and have to fill in the gaps.


    Set up a honeymoon gift list such as


    Trying to put one together at the moment.

    The main problem being finding lower cost items, reading online suggests to have double the number of items on the list than you have guests.

    Having lived in sin for 7 years we have all the things you would traditionally buy people who were home making for the first time.

    There are some high value items I’d like, the reason I’ve not bought them is because they are pricey!

    The next problem, we are getting married in the UK as that’s where our family’s are, but we live in Australia. I had seen John Lewis do wedding lists or perhaps another big retailer such as Amazon who could ship direct to us.

    We would prefer a gift, not keen on vouchers or money.

    I suggested a pool table and table football, but that didnt go down too well so inspire me!


    or read Philconsequences wedding blog and be humbled…


    As has been said earlier, don’t ask for anything! It’s all stuff, how much more stuff do you need?

    Treat it as those who attend to celebrate with you is a gift from them.

    That and excess baggage for your return home.


    Ask people to give you a copy of their favorite album, and a note as to why it is so.

    Or a print / piece of artwork that they like.

    Premier Icon RRD

    Two words:


    Deliberately in capitals, so many plus reasons:
    We were in Belfast so, like you, no John Lewis nearby but they will deliver.
    Regardless of your opinion about gifts, great Aunty Nora (insert name as required) will buy you a gift – it is much better to provide them a guide from your wedding list. That way you do not end up with 16 very expensive pillows (as my friend did who did not bother with a list).
    Finally, before delivery John Lewis allow you to change the gifts for the same monetary value. So, in our case, we were able to get a full set of crockery, as opposed to an odd number of plates/cups/pillow cases etc.

    As an aside, it was humbling the generosity of some of our guests!


    I would be a bit mythed

    Best spelling mistake ever 😀

    (If it’s a mistake?)


    I think we put John Lewis vouchers and money towards our honeymoon as coverall options.

    It is better to give a guide as otherwise you get stuff you neither need nor want. I know we have about 4 teapots and as I am the only one who drinks tea I make it in a mug.

    We were on the same situation as you. But, people wanted to buy stuff. WE said that they needn’t especially as they were already paying to get to the wedding and stay somewhere.

    Premier Icon rickon

    We’re getting married next year, I will not be having a wedding list. In fact I’ll be telling people not to buy us anything, personally I think it’s an outdated idea to ask people for gifts because you’re getting married. It feels a bit selfish to me, I’ll be just glad that they all turn up, play lawn games, drink local ales, have a bbq, and then dance with the ceilidh band all night long.

    Who the hell wants a toaster, some glasses and cutlery? Just buy it yourself.


    Doesn’t Chain Reaction or Wiggle do wedding lists yet? They’re missing a trick if not.


    Mi be onto something wobbliscott

    Me n the mrs both cycle – alot . His and hers 5 inch trail bikes would be nice 😉


    If I was doing it again now I would ask for donations towards the honeymoon. It’s quite common now and if you already live together you’ll only end up with more shoot you don’t need.
    We had to cancel our original honeymoon and go to Cyprus, still regret it now, but it’s all made better every time I use the breville, so, never.

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    Spread the love. Get people to make donations to the charity of your choice.

    Oxfan have a good service where people are acknowledged for what they get.


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    Spread the love. Get people to make donations to the charity of your choice.

    We did this and raised a fair amount for Mind and The Trussell Trust.

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