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  • 29erKeith

    First of all congratulations, my little lad’s not long had his first birthday and is walking everywhere, time really flys!

    Ours sagged a bit too, so I just cut a bit of ply I had in the garage and stuck it under the base, worked a treat!


    Congrats! 😀

    We had two! (One donated at the same time as we bought one second hand from friends so we couldn’t say no). It worked quite well as there was no need to be dragging it up and down the stairs all the time.

    They were the standard John Lewis one (on the webshite for £35 and the stand that’s £30). As far as I could tell though, the mothercare ones looked identical. They never sagged on us though.

    I think I can remember from when dd was tiny, we sometimes put the legs on one end on a few books to make his sure his head was a little higher. This can also be achieved by using folded towels under the mattress.


    After a month or two we propped the head end up an inch or two too


    Ours never settled in a moses basket. She slept on a cushion downstairs and we took one side off a cot and put it against the side of our bed. Really easy to see and comfort them in the night and you can put an arm over to comfort really easy.

    Those sleeping bags are a godsend as you can move them around without having to tuck in etc

    Premier Icon alfabus

    babybus is now 5 days old, and has started to take a bit of a dislike to his moses basket – or at least, that could be one of the many reasons for his late night crying.

    It is a bit floppy, and sags in the middle, so when we put him in it (with his feet at the end because he’s a wriggler), his head is a bit lower than his feet.

    SWMBO doesn’t really like it that much either because she can’t peek at him without getting right up and looking down on him. The see through ones in hospital were much better than that, but obviously a bit ‘clinical’.

    Anyone got any recommendations? Are the ones that clip to the side of the bed much better and worth the expense?


    Gratuitous baby picture:

    Premier Icon alfabus

    Cheers all, I had thought about putting a bit of wood underneath, but hadn’t actually gotten around to going to the garage to look for one. I will put a bit more effort in.

    We were given this moses basket by a friend, but I saw a very similar one in John Lewis the other day for £35, so it probably the same one that deadly is talking about… it’s been used for our friends’ two kids so that might be the reason it is sagging.



    Our first hated the evil basket! So didn’t bother with the second. Also bro in law dropped his 6 week premature son out of his basket whilst climbing the stairs, one handle slipped and out rolled baby 😯 .
    Quite unbelievably my site engineer didn’t turn up one day later that week as he’d also done the same thing!
    Evil I tell you!


    We never bothered with one. Daughter never said a word in complaint.

    Congrats btw.

    Premier Icon cloudnine

    Never bothered with any of ours.. just get a normal cot with an organic mattress (not foam).
    It takes a while for the lil buggers to get used to not floating round in their mummys tummy. Some like being swaddled, some dont (can recommend gro bags sleeping bags). They like white noise whilst young too.
    Perfect a good burping technique asap.. you’ll be amazed at how useless babies are at burping themselves and how long they can cry/scream for with trapped wind. Learn to sit baby on your knee and literally hold them round the front of their neck and accross their shoulders with your hand spread out. Keep them really upright with head tilted back slightly and pat/rub their back… and they should burp much easier this way IMO. Congratulations BTW..

    Premier Icon jam bo

    Prop it up. Our boy suffered from quite bad reflux and for a while having it at almost 25degrees was the only way he’d sleep.


    He looks happy on your shoulder, just leave him there all night 😉

    Ours wasn’t happy in a Moses, because it was noisy when she wriggled I think. We borrowed a carry-cot as a trial and henceforth there she slept until she went into a proper cot.

    Premier Icon totalshell

    just put the basket on the floor..

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