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  • Whos_Daddy

    3/4 Altura Attack, cracking!!


    Endura Superlite get rave reviews. £48 from ebay seller Sprockets. Or buy ex army Goretex trousers from ebay for £10 or so and cut them down to length.

    Premier Icon MrGreedy

    I like the Endura MT500 “Spray” baggies – it’s only the rear panels that are fully waterproof so they’re a lot more breathable than the Attacks (which I also have), and they look more like a normal short. Depends how wet it’s likely to be really – I’ll use the Alturas if it’s going to be throwing it down, but the MT500s get more use in general.

    Premier Icon chakaping

    Tried Endura Venturi (both versions), Altura Attach and Madison’s waterproof shorts but all have failed.

    Tempted to go for cheap ebay goretex when/if my warranty replacements give up the ghost, but I never found any cheap ones when I was looking.


    i had some and the water just went up the legs..


    +1 for the altura 3/4 attacks. Got 3 pairs for £99 last year from Merlin.

    Premier Icon D0NK

    I use altura not got owt to comapre them against but I’d be wary of the 3/4, I got some and soon realised they’d be a bit warm and bunch/rub back of my knees so exchanged them, might be OK with tights. Besides you’re only really keeping your ass dry.

    Premier Icon ir_bandito

    Endura Superlite, and get a decent mudguard.

    Premier Icon thepurist

    I *think* the MT500s just use a layer of PU in the rear too rather than trying to use a fancy DWR coated breathable fabric which will eventually need re-proofing. (Stands by to be corrected on that). That means they’re less faffy to look after – I’d prefer the Superlites if it was properly raining or cold but for general spring/autumn (and summer, who am i kidding) riding on wet ground the MT500s are the biz.

    Premier Icon lowey

    After fitting a mud guard to my new bike last night I found out that the rear wheel rubs when the susp compresses, plus i hate them anyway. So can anyone recommend a decent waterproof short to wear over thermal longs or other shorts ?

    Cheers all.


    Well my experience of MT500’s is that they are utter poop.

    The stitching came apart at the crotch and the waterproof fabric de-laminated on the first pair and the replacements use a non-waterproof material at the top of the rear panel, the waterproof tape is coming off the seams and the waterproof fabric in the seat is splitting.


    I got some altura attacks from wiggle, tried them on and sent them back. Didn’t like the lack of stretch in them and the rustling.

    Premier Icon MoreCashThanDash

    Picked up some Altura Dryline in an LBS sale – do the job, but a bit rustly – which I don’t mind – and a bit sweaty, which I do mind.

    Much better riding fit than my cut down army goretex – which are fine for the money (£12 and some flowers for my mum who shortened them properly for me!)

    If you go the ebay/army route, take in the hem of the legs when you shorten them, or they get very flappy.


    Endura superlites are great but mine tore at the crotch. Rode around with bibs underneath so nothing fell out through the hole. Still I got a couple of years out of them and the benefits were they dried quickly and kept my bibs dry which is all you need. They extend just over the knee to keep the cold wind off but because of this they can get hot in the summer. I’m trying a different set of shorts for mtb’ing now so will see how they fare through the winter

    Premier Icon Drac

    Got some Endura which are excellent and somewhere I have Altura but can’t find them so have no idea.


    Scott Helium Paclite. Had a pair for a year or so. They have been faultless. They size up small. Currently a snip at £45 online at Evans



    Another vote for Endura Superlite. Good value and work, whether its a wet weekend in Wales or a winter slog.

    In my experience the 2 great big holes for your legs allow water in… Tried 3 different types, other than wearing full length trousers or duct taping the shorts to your legs, I think you’ll always end up with soggy liners on long rides in heavy rain.

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