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  • Water for trail hounds ?
  • I was out for a ride this morning with the dog but got a bit worried about her getting enough water . She is normally quite fond of a drink from a puddle or a stream but this morning there were no puddles or no streams . So what do you do when out with the dog , water bottle and bowl or any other suggestions ?


    Plastic bag rolled down edges, water from camelback.


    Chinese takeaway box weighs nothing and does the job. Can’t remember the last time I was out with him and didn’t see a puddle though!


    we have 3 methods:

    1. we know where all the streams, springs and water troughs are on our local rides. She will divert off to one of them when we are close for a drink.

    2. She shares my camel back (or water bottle when on a short ride without the camelbak). She sees me drinking and comes over and I squirt it into her mouth.

    3. On long rides I have a bottle fitted to the bike as well as the camelbak and she has that and I have the camelbak. I have a cheap, easier to squeeze bottle, for this as my normal podium bottle are quite firm and harder to really jet the water. It also doesnt matter if she licks it and I can refill them from sources mentioned in 1 as they are for dog only.

    Also keep a stock of gravy bones in my camelbak and snacks we can both eat (ie no chocolate or raisins). Or she eats fresh horse poo when she is really hungry, at which point I offer her a snack out of my bag.

    Oh and we have one of these: http://www.tazlab.com/v/vspfiles/V4_Backup/TL_bowls.htm

    Use it on all day trips, especially if taking picnic or a couple of dogs. Folds up really compact and slips into an external/the net pocket on a backpack and gives the dog a more relaxing drink when you stop for a while.

    When we go on long walks with our dog, we use a collapsable water bowl like this which will easily fit in a camelbak:



    Can’t you get a bottle that has a fold-up trough along the side of it? I’ve seen people using them at service stations…



    Thanks for the hints everyone . Just ordered a a bag type bowl of ebay so will give that a go .


    duntstick – Member
    Would you believe………a Singletrak pak

    I’ve seen a dog that uses something like that. Actually drinks from it’s own camelbak style hose. But it’s a husky style dog so okay carrying. The owner also uses the harness to winch the dog up cliff faces when they go climbing.

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