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    We have a load of Warhammer 40k stuff at home from when our eldest was into it. He’s since given up as none of his mates play. There’s 4 armies there. Dark Angels, Tau, Chaos marines and Orks. Anyone know where the best place to sell them would be (other than the bay of fleas) and where to get a rough price on them. The Dark Angels was my army and is pretty much fully painted. The rest is in various states


    Ah, I used to love that stuff when I was a teenager. Then a walked past a GamesWorkshop store the other day – seven shades of tragic, and a long long time since anyone in there had seen any shampoo!


    Well based on my recent experience of selling of my ’90s warhammer fantasty army, do use ebay but sell it in small lots. I sold my whole lot in one go. The guy who bought it is now selling it off in small lots or as individual figures and will end up at least doubling if not tripling the money that I got.

    Well painted stuff goes for a LOT more than unpainted or badly painted ones.

    You need to find someone is is just starting to play. Maybe someone like this 😉


    My 12 yr old is obsessed with 40k. I’m not buying your stuff though. Spend enough on it already!
    Dunno where you are but there is a shop in orchard square Sheffield that sells second hand kit. Also on the Wirral at barnston barns that we visit when at the in laws.
    Maybe look in the back of white dwarf for local independents?
    Or ask an adult in GW if you can find one amongst the stinky teenagers!


    It’s all (apart from a couple of models) modern stuff bought in the last 3/4 years. Based in South Wales so the Wirral and Sheffield are a little far. Only place that seems to do it is the Cardiff GW. So looks like eBay I think.


    I think Area51 on gloucester rd in bristol will buy/sell s/h GW kit, worth a shout? Suspect you get more selling yourself, but hassles etc.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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