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  • bigyinn

    Scrappie, get one for the same model and year. If you’re lucky you may get one the same colour, but the coloured inserts can often be removed internally.
    The wiring will just be a multi plug and there will probably be 3 or 4 nuts or bolts holding it onto the door.


    Some scrotes have kicked my passenger side wing mirror off. The whole lot is knackered and nothing looks salvagable.

    Just been quoted £273+ fitting by official VW garage and am looking for a better alternative.

    Anyone know anywhere cheap in Newcastle that would do it?

    I have seen the whole assembly on ebay for <£75 and there are plenty of videos on you tube so I may have a go myself. Anyone done it and got any experience to share? I’ve fixed things like this in the past but this one has heated mirrors, electric motor to adjust and repeaters so is a bit more complicated. Is it still just clip/screw together and match up the wires? To be honest for £150-200 I’d just drop it off and pay someone.


    My good lord that is daylight robbery. Which mark golf is it? Im assuming as you have indicators in it its mk5 or above therefore my knowledge isnt exceptional. However you can EASILY do this job yourself. I know on mk4s and below there are 3/4 screws behind the housing holding the mirror on then its simply a case of unplugging the block connectors and pulling off the old and shoving the new in. Especially if you’re buying a whole complete assembly! Try fitting stubby lupo mirros to mk4s… a lot more faff! Unfortunately you’re too far away from me to offer our help and I cant think off the top of my head anyone Newcastle way in the VW world. I would defo try and do it yourself and cant see a reason why you cant easily do it for less than that!


    If there’s a coloured bit on the mirror, the quote may include painting to get a colour match.


    Oh, how the other half lives, eh?


    Mk 5. I would need the whole lot including the part that attaches to the body of the car as the mount is cracked.

    I think heating is standard. All the mirror replacements seem to be heated. To be honest its not that great, once the frost has melted you stil have to wipe away the remaining melt water (#firstworldproblem)

    Premier Icon brassneck

    It’s easy DIY. Had the same quote from a SEAT dealer for my Cupra, essentially because Cupra mirrors are more fasterer.

    Expensive bit was the painting. Pretty sure I replaced with non heated glass as it was a solution in search of a problem, and non heated was an order of magnitude cheaper.


    I can’t offer any assistance but wanted it made clear that heated mirrors are the dogs danglies.

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