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  • Afternoon

    I'm looking at the bargaintastic Voodoo Wanga from Halfrauds on the C2W scheme.

    As there's only a few branches in the country who stock them I have to order it directly and as such won't really get a chance to try it.

    I realise this isn't the best way to buy a bike but have limited choice from Halfords and just don't fancy the alloy boardman at the price.

    Can anyone tell me what the sizing is like on them?

    The 19'' is the biggest they can get and I'm wondering it'll be ok for me – I'm 6'2'' and my other bike is a 20''

    The effective top tube is half an inch shorter on the Wanga but then again I will be using a longer stem with it.

    Any help much appreciated!


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    I'm 6'2" and have a 19 inch bizango- fits just fine. Gorgeous bike, as ws the voodoo canzo ti it replaced…

    Anyone got one of the new Canzos?

    ah right,cool. thanks!

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    Orange Wanga for me, frame from Tim about 4 years ago now. Until the last year when I have been riding on the road more, the Wanga got (and still does to a degree)a lot of use. A few chips here and there and the top tube is quite badly scuffed from the brake cable rubbing but nothing compared to what some people say they have experienced. I did ride with a guy who also had a Wanga (and inspired my purchase). His was “metallic” red and chipped very badly, where mine is solid orange. So maybe the paint problem was with their metallic/flamboyant paints?

    BTW – I thought the current Wanga was aluminium?

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    Just had a v quick look and yes the current Wanga is ally and by the look of it there are no longer any steel frames made.


    That is the Halfords Wanga, not the original.

    THe US one is still steel.

    Voodoo only by name now in the UK


    there is a white bizango on ebay atm (not mine but I saw it when I bought another bike from him recently):


Viewing 7 posts - 41 through 47 (of 47 total)

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