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  • pjm84

    Yep. Old 2005 XC70 D5 and now a new V70 1.6d Drive R Design.

    Like both. Prefer the seats, tyre wear, AWD and the auto on the XC70. Prefer the fuel consumption, VED and handling on the V70.

    I had the XC70 for 2.5years and put 38k on the clock. Only problem was the steering wheel module went kaput so check the buttons on the steering wheel work. D5 sounds great compared to the D2 engine.

    Fuel consumption for the XC70 D5 30 to 40mpg. (Computer readout is over optimistic by 7 to 9mpg)


    Anyone got one? Was looking at at a 2006 D5 and a 2008 2.4D model.
    Anything to be aware of?
    Are they as reliable and comfortable as their reputation suggests?
    Any real world experiences welcome

    V70 D5

    Things to beware of. Certain models, check the volvo forums. Fuels injectors can be worn, at £200 a pop add on fitting. For 5 of them, can be expensive. Alsosome models , autos have a dodgy flexplate which has a weakness an will need repalcing. Sme other models are proneto gearbox problems. Not quite the invincible machines theynare thought to be. Having said that, if you have one free of those probs, you will have a beautiful car. Given that any car of that age will need constant spend, might as well make it a luxury car.

    Having said that, all else being equal, go for the D5


    Thanks, all useful info.

    Any other V70 owners out there with handy hints and tips?


    Friend has two, both diesels. On the newer one he had problems with the dpf on the exhaust as he kept using it for very short runs to the train station which resulted in the filter getting clogged


    DPF hopefully won’t be an issue as I mostly do motorway miles


    V70 D5 isn’t bombproof, it’s not that economical either. SE version have nice seats and quality audio, S version isn’t bad but seats are like in a van. Boot is wide but low in height. Rear passenger legroom is smaller than in a Golf. V70 is average car just like any other reliability wise.
    If you fancy big boot then its Mondeo no doubt, they call them mondingo for being that huge.
    If you don’t fancy audi A6 to match size of mondeo then slightly smaller passat will suit nicely.
    Passat CR Tdi 58 plate onwards had been revised so early horror stories are no more. Certainly they’re much more economical mpg wise. Oh and unlike Volvo with faulty injectors, VW recalled all affected cars to fix injectors free of charge.


    Interesting. What I really want is a big comfy estate that is reliable, economical and comfy. The sort of thing that I can blast up to Scotland or down to France in comfort with space for luggage, tents, bikes etc.
    Reliability is important … had a crap 3 years with current car with a variety of problems


    I’ve a petrol V70 MY2009 but I’ve only had it a year. It’s very comfy (best seats I’ve had in a car) and its reliable and extremely safe (I have two kids under four. Isn’t this why everyone buys a Volvo estate?) but its not economical to either run or maintain, servicing is particularly pricey.. Part of that is that its a T5 spec petrol (ok so it’s very quick in a straight line) but the diesels aren’t anywhere near best in class for efficiency. BMW has the mantle for that so for all the above plus class leading fuel economy, a Five series would be your best bet and no more expensive to maintain.

    I’d have bought a five series but in the end the T5 with only 22k miles and SE Lux spec was only £15k for a £35k car new! The equivalent Beamer would have been at last another £7k more.


    “Given that any car of that age will need constant spend”

    I’ve a 2003 Volvo with 90 thousand miles that has only required routine servicing the last five years of my ownership. 12 thousand miles per year.

    Just sayin’…..and I’m aware other peoples experiences may differ.


    Stuck 40k on a V70 D3 in a year. It was fast, quiet, very refined, utterly bombproof and a great car in winter. I still miss it.

    The downsides:

    It drank fuel like the bastard offspring of George Best and Ollie Reed. Claimed 40mpg was hard work, and closer to 36mpg in reality.

    Ipod interface was nothing short of terrible.

    I replaced it with a BMW5 series which is more technically competent, has a much better tech interface, uses 35% less fuel but just isn’t as enjoyable as the Vulva.

    Personally I’d be considering an E Class estate or an A6 avant.


    I looked into this last year and for my driving etc even though I do 18k a year the 2.4 petrol manual wouldn’t be that far off on total overall costs, negligible even.

    Also bear in mind no one buys a diesel V70 and runs it on <average mileage so on a 2006 min mileage would be 90k+ – soon into swapping/replacing consumables regularly territory.


    I had a 2009 V70 2.0D – worst car I’ve ever had!

    From day one it rattled like mad from the boot – volvo could never fix it, it only ever managed about 30mpg at best, and at its first mot with 25k on the clock they refused to get it off the ramp due to some major broken bits on the steering!

    I now have a peugeot!


    In contrast, we have a 2009 V70 2.0D SE Lux R. The ford diesel engine is excellent and although I do miss the 2002 3.0l BMW Straight 6 we had before, it’s infinitely more comfortable. It’s effortless to drive and just eats miles. It gives about 46-48mpg at about 75mph.

    My parents have the 2.0d Mondeo. If anything I think the Volvo looks nicer and is better finished, but if it’s masses of space you’re after the Mondeo is unbeatable.

    Premier Icon sadmadalan

    We went from a a Volvo 2.4D SE to a Mondeo. Mondeo is nicer to drive, but the Volvo felt a ‘better’ car. Neither is bad. Mondeo is bigger!


    sadmadalan – Member

    new shape Mondeo?

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