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    In most cases you’ll need to whip off the door card (bith that makes the inside of the door look nice, and look how many pins on the connection to the motor.

    watch this:

    note mine but covers what you need to do


    My 52 plate Focus drivers window motor gave up, turned out it had seized from water ingress.

    Strip, clean, lube, rebuild and jobs a good un (and it’s quicker and quieter than before).

    Which means the OEM quality parts that lasted 10 years haven’t been replaced with tat…

    The hardest bit of the job is getting the assembly out when the window won’t lower, freeing up the motor is easy.

    Premier Icon tthew

    Could just as easily be the switch, or some broken wiring, (where it bends going through the door possibly) or a fuse, (though it’s probable something else would have stopped working, unlikely each window has its own feed).

    More fault finding needed before you splurge 30 quid on a part that may be wrong I think. Hit more stuff with your hammer, or for the electrical bits, poke with a screwdriver and nod sagely.

    Premier Icon bearnecessities

    Thanks so far. Deffo not switch as mentioned, the one feeds both windows. I’ll take it all apart then and hit more stuff/grease stuff.


    Window regulator?

    Just had to get one replaced on my Golf, previous Golf had 3 go during 7 years and my cursed Clio had both pack up, when the front passenger one packed up again I left it as I wasn’t prepared to spend another penny on the damn car.

    Premier Icon bearnecessities

    I’ve got a 2004 Mk1 Focus with a driver’s side electric window that doesn’t do anything.

    I hit it with a hammer, which didn’t fix it.

    As I have no idea what it is that’s busted, thought I’d buy the whole actuator assembly + motor for the sake of £30.

    …but the eBay listing talks about 8 pin motor. I have no idea what it’s talking about – is it the attachment to the slidy bits, or something that attached to the switchy thing? Do I need to care?

    Ebay product matching thing says it’ll match the model, but I’m just a bit dubious about this pin business?

    Ta. 😳

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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