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  • Useless Parcel Service (UPS)
  • Used to think UPS were alright, though that was from experience of them doing a weekly stock delivery back when my job was selling plastic toy soldiers to kids. Been waiting for a set of wheels from Rose Bikes, and whilst the build and shipping time was great, UPS have proven to be useless between Gateshead and my house. When I wasn’t in for the first part of the delivery that was shipped before the wheels were ready, I wasn’t in, so they left it with a neighbour. Brilliant, UPS aren’t too shabby, I thought. Until they tried to deliver the wheels yesterday, no answer, so straight back in the van for another attempt when I’m at work the following day. Notice left in a clear place asking them to either leave it in the porch or with a neighbour, but nope, chuck it back in the van for the nicely titled “final delivery attempt” tomorrow, when I’m at work.

    Wish everyone just used DPD…

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    UPS is great, here (Pittsburgh, USA) as is FedEx. Never had a problem with either that I can remember. Their tracing is fantstic as well.

    US Postal Service is inconsistent at best. Ebay seller on Long Is NY sent me something last Friday. The USPS tracking site says “expected delivery day Monday” which is about right for 385 miles connected by a major Interstate highway.

    Not in the mailbox on Monday. Tues AM,the USPS tracking site still says “expected delivery day Monday.” 😕 Nothing more current than when it left the NY post office on Fri, either. 😐

    Later Tues “Your shipment has been delayed.” Ok, no problem. IMO, delayed would mean a snowstorm, hurricane, unexpected highway closure or something that was beyond their control. It seems that my parcel was delayed because they felt the need to ship it via Rochester, NY. 🙄

    That’s not delayed; that’s sent to the wrong effing state! 😡

    It finally arrived today. 😐 Their tracking shows that it was delivered but that it apparently has never been through the local post office. 🙄

    $6 to ship a bike computer first class; only $1 per day since it took 6 days…

    Seller printed the barcoded label from the website, so machine readable and no misread handwriting or anything like that…

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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