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  • dirtbiker100

    Does it fit you?
    It fits my head lovely and so I bought it. I’ll buy another if its the right price at the time.

    Thats the main thing with full facers isn’t it? fit? Dunno what else there is to consider that you can gain from a forum


    cheers Db,kinda daft question i suppose,just dont want to buy and then something better was around,


    Hi,im looking to purchase a FF helmet,looking at 100 tops and was looking 1st at the 661 collection,but quite like the look of the Urge fullfacers,has anyone used one or own one and can give me some insight,or any others around the £100 mark i should look at,



    I picked a down-o-matic up in a CRC sale last year for £45 and a mate got one this year for a few quid more, nice fit and light enough,ill be replacing mine with another when the time come,


    I like mine, mainly because it fits well.

    Premier Icon curiousyellow

    I have one. What do you want to know?

    I am not a downhiller though I wish I was one in the movies.

    Let’s see what’s important for me:

    – Fits great. Doesn’t bob about or any annoying shit when I’m holding on for dear life.
    – Doesn’t obscure my field of vision as long as I’m looking ahead. Like I’m meant to.
    – Googles fit in nicely.
    – Airflow is great. Not uncomfortable in the summer or winter.
    – Strap is nice and positive.
    – Looks great, which is what really matters.

    Premier Icon kimbers

    Like mine, good adjustability with supplied pads, cheekpads are removable and washable
    better vented than my old giro remedy

    the large isnt as big as some other larges
    doesnt fit 100% perfectly with my oakley goggles, but deosnt affect use tbh

    is as good as or better than any other fullface out there ime
    and assuming it fits then its ace, and the fact that its doesnt look just like every other generic ff is quite good too


    I have one, I liked it so much I bought another mega cheap for when the first one wears out.
    Its all about fit though.


    I have one and have to use it on all my rides, including road due to smashing my skull up. it does get a bit warm on sunny road hill climbs, but the vents are really good. it is a good helmet. easy to drink through and listen in.
    Chain reaction for about £80 i think. reduced from over £100.


    Cheers guy,just what i wanted to know.looks like it could be my purchadr

    Premier Icon Northwind

    I really like mine- lightweight and very well vented for a fullface (though like every full face helmet, very sweaty for pedalling in). Very very comfy, feels confidence-inspiringly solid, really not got a bad word for it other’n the stupid hole in the visor.

Viewing 11 posts - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)

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