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  • upper back support??
  • CaptJon

    Yeah I’m going to do some back exercise when I get time off work but pretty much doing a month of 6 day weeks 12 hour shifts and my back is f**kd.

    What kind of support do you get for the upper back area, are the compression tops any good for that part of the back or is there something else out there?


    You need to strengthen it then, not provide external support.

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    Fix the problem not the symptom.
    What are you doing at work, why are you doing it and who are you doing it for? Sounds like you need to get signed off for a week or so and get something sorted.

    My missus has spent 12 months with her Osteo/Physio and in Pilates studios to strengthen and sort a number of issues to get back to pain free living.

    You will be doing more harm strapping up and carrying on.

    Thanks for the reply guys, sorry for my late response, I’m off in 2weeks and was just looking to get to the holidays.
    I’ve been trying g to get physio from my work but they are slower than a slow thing, I’m going to try pilates and some back exercise when I’m off and keep them going I just haven’t had much time off lately to start them.
    I tried a compression top today and it seemed to help if a bit hot at 34 deg indoors today so will stick with that as it’s only short term.

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    I joined a Strength and Conditioning gym at the back end of last year and since I’ve started doing compound weight exercises, my back pain has completely vanished (I slouch all day in front of a computer at work).

    Mine is more heavy lifting twisting and muscles not getting enough time to recover, I’ll get a routine sorted hopefully but was really wanting to see a physio first to make sure I’m doing the right types of exercise but I seem to be getting fobbed off on thephysio front.


    Find a way of working that doesn’t destroy your back. Be that taking regular breaks, swapping job tasks at regular intervals, or changing your workstation to something less damaging.

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)

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