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  • ontor

    Having never seen the point I’ve never taken part in one but I’m curious as to what’s the attraction of uplift days? I’m all for people having fun on bikes and I’m happy to chalk it up to different strokes etc but I can’t help but feel I’m missing something – surely you’re just riding the same bit of trail 8 or 9 times and that’s it?

    So, uplifters, what about these days does it for you?

    Premier Icon kimbers

    Hitting a descent full on is quite addictive gives you the opportunity to improve your skills in a way just riding doesn’t

    Not tired from a climb or thinking about saving yourself for the rest of the ride or even worrying about getting a puncture is quite liberating

    It’s amazing how tired you are at the end of the day even if your total riding time is less than an hour

    ^^What he said


    You can also ride more than one trail…. unless of course wherever you are only has one


    Not got to the uplift yet for various reasons but 2 days pushing up a flipping steep and slimy hill in FOD a few weeks ago killed!

    Admittedly only an issue when on the DH biased bike, if I was on the XC bike I’d be riding up!


    It’s all about getting quicker or trying different lines. It’s amazing how many subtle differences there are on a single track although these days most uplift locations offer multiple tracks. It’s also surprisingly physically and mentally tiring!

    EDIT: book one and see for yourself!

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    I have done the one. Brilliant really. Was knackered my dinner time. Desending all day takes it out of you. Plus you aint hitting the same trail all day. Somewhere like bringewood there is 3 or 4 runs per section and 3 sections so mix and match. Or find one run and keep trying it so you look like stevie smith

    surely you’re just riding the same bit of trail 8 or 9 times and that’s it?

    When I was a kid I used to think that being a F1 driver would be boring, driving laps of the same track, and that rallying would be much more fun. I’ve never done proper motorsport but karting around a little ‘repetitive’ track is amazing fun. I ride the same trails at home over and over again and I’m not bored of them yet. The thing I miss most when visiting trail centres is that I’m riding blind most of the time which I’m getting better at but I still don’t get up to full speed. On uplift days I get enough runs (you need at least 6 to ride all of BPW once IIRC) that I actually get to know the trails and start to flow properly on them.

    Then again, I’m a bass player and I love funk so I’m very happy doing the same thing over and over and over again as well as possible!

    b r

    surely you’re just riding the same bit of trail 8 or 9 times and that’s it?

    Come to Innerleithen, you can do a different trail (or variation) on each run – and tbh if you do the same trail there 3 or 4 times you’ll just be getting faster, so it won’t feel like the same trail.


    Some interesting replies thank you, will have another look in the morning…

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    also good if you have health issues that don’t allow you to ride up steep stuff.

    I did inners, ae, revolution and hamsterley, while suffering from a dodgy ticker
    it was ace.


    I find it takes me at least three runs to get a track properly memorised, after that it’s all about pushing myself to go harder and faster and clear the more difficult lines, there’s nearly alway’s a harder / faster line, even for really good riders.

    I usually find that the last couple of runs of the day before I’m totally worn out are the best as I’m riding nice and loosely and cleaning the jumps properly.

    Even spent a whole weekend last year riding one short DH track at the FOD (Endo) and still didn’t get tired of it.

    Come to gawton ontor and have a day out, its great fun and I love a bit of trails/xc.


    It’s about maximising the real fun part of mountain biking, although I like climbing Its the pull of gravity that I really enjoy.

    doing a nice clean run time after time with perfect lines, braking points, jumps without any mistakes while constantly trying to knock off a few seconds each time is very hard.

    If you are not convinced give it a go. !!!


    The feeling of relief as the van overtook the mugs riding up bike park wales was all that it took to convince me

    Premier Icon mikewsmith

    Riding a trail on the right bike for the trail, not the right bike for getting round a loop.
    Practicing technical riding
    Having fun
    Getting better

    It’s just good clean fun with your mates without having to spend ages riding up a hill.


    It just cuts out the boring bits and gets you straight into the fun (ie pointing downwards) bits. I don’t mind a good climb but I really like uplifts especially with a DH bike to save you lugging it back to the top each time. Lets you session certain bits that have been bothering you etc.

    Loved BPW – wouldn’t have loved it half as much if I had to ride up that sodding hill


    Well looks like I might have to dig out a big bike and go to gawton…

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