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  • duntstick

    A friend is trying to make his way in the music business, acoustic singer songwriter style. A bit rough around the edges and sounds slicker in the studio but worth a listen. Any other exciting young prospects about?



    He needs to chill out on the gurning. 🙂

    Name change required too! 🙂

    Good though.

    How about me?

    I play guitar in this song:


    He sounds quite accomplished, hope he does well in a hugely competitive area. I might suggest that he gets out of the habit of looking at the camera/viewer so much. It’s a bit of a blank look, not very engaging. It may even work against him in that it creates an awkward relationship with the viewer/listener.

    Technically: the camera operator needs to invest in an external mic. It would improve the audio quality considerably. A good performance like that is easy to record nowadays.


    I’ll link this back to him, I guess he’s already aware of the ‘gurning’ but playing it to a camera must be a whole new skill.

    YGH, like the tinnitus awareness link on the FB page 🙂


    Chris Buck check him out on Youtube

    This guy is some guitarist , a pleasure to listen to


    My mate’s band are doing something a bit different


    Yeah, we don’t take it too seriously

    Our new logo:

    Rock n roll baby


    One of the better bands playing out of Bristol lately: Franklin Mint.

    Gig at the Exchange, Sat 29/3, if the idea of Tool fronted by Bill Bailey sounds your sort of thing.

    Edit: I just noticed that the OP is asking for exciting young prospects. It should be noted that this lot are more in the exciting immature lunatics category.


    Also from Bristol
    Eva Lazarus. Hip hop/dubstep/drum and bass.

    Used to do promotion and management of about 12 local bands here in Glasgow with a mate, about 10 years ago. He still does it – STG promotions, if your interested in having a look/ contact.

Viewing 13 posts - 1 through 13 (of 13 total)

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