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  • UK MTB Guide Faces Jail in France
  • 2 other threads already done this…

    This has been discussed on the forum many, many times in the past. In fact, this whole affair is one of the reasons Ive not had much time to post on here for a number of years – pouring over legal documents with your lawyer turns out to be rather time-consuming.

    Well, now its got real – and very, very public indeed. Im taking the French government itself, to court. This means war!

    Check out the story out today in the daily Telegraph.

    …and for the full lowdown on the legal bits (and disgraceful way the French are acting) – see my own commentary

    For those who love to have a bit of a chip in with their tuppenceworth (any of those types on this forum, by any chance?), please do comment on the telegraph page directly as well…….anything to up the hits and finally get this onto the political agenda for the sake of all outdoor enthusiasts in Europe – not just us mountain bikers.

    2 other threads already done this…

    I assume this is the gentleman in question


    I’d be very wary of taking the French Government to court, as its only going to end one way and probably not the way you want it. A lot of time, money and heartache will be involved and potentially for nothing.

    The French are very nationalistic and will never do anything that would undermine that.

    If you work in that country you need to play by their rules. If they say you need qualification X to operate, then thats what you need. Yes you may think that the qualifications are similar, but if the French dont then it doesnt matter.
    Same with any other qualification, Doctor, Nurse, Lawyer. You may be a fully UK qualifed Doctor with 10 years experience then you would still have to undertake the French equivalent before you could practice.

    Sounds like you’re taking the legal position of making all qualifications transferable across Europe, and the only way your going to do that is via the European court and unless you have a huge amount of time and money isnt going to happen.

    Good luck with it, but i feel you’d be better concentrating your efforts of gaining the relevant qualification for the market you want to operate in.


    As said by many, get the qualifications they need and there will be no problems.


    determined to defy the ban

    That’s going to go down like a lead ballon in France.

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