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  • Typically how much does a website domain name cost to register?
  • Klunk

    i can’t remember exact numbers but the 1st year was pretty cheap the renewal was eye watering!

    Premier Icon jim

    Try http://www.namecheap.com/ , reliable and, well, cheap.

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    I use https://www.ineedwebhosting.co.uk/.
    for mine, typically .co.uk domains to buy are £7.50 for 1-2 years, the hosting is all maintained by my web developer.
    You can just buy the name using the above and leave it until you sort hosting out.

    Premier Icon leffeboy

    Depends a bit on the name how much you will pay. I’ve got a whole bunch with speednames.co.uk and they seem ok. As mentioned above you can just buy the name now and sort out the hosting later. Pm me if you want a hand

    Edit:just checked speednames for a few possibilities – they seem expensive now.
    Just to give you an idea yourname.eu is available for 13 eur/yr and yourname.me is available for 9eur a year through godaddy.com


    I use 123-reg for domain registration.


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    +1 for 123 reg. V cheap and you can also do hosting with them. Think they have a site builder type thing which may help the OP if they aren’t up for building their own.


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    Mine was £10 for the first year, £20 per year after that. Includes reg, hosting, email, etc.


    Registering a domain, particularly .uk domains, should be pretty cheap. Wholesale price on a .uk is about £5 for two years. Renewals should cost the same.

    You’ll also need to get somewhere to host it, which usually costs more than the domain but still isn’t very expensive.


    I’m a serial Luddite that needs to drag myself up speed. I’ve been asked too many times if I have a website to show my work, but haven’t a clue as to how to go about it or the costs involved.

    Initially I’d need to register a domain name, any ideas of the costs to register and maintain one?

    EDIT, being able to post a thread on the correct page would be a worthwhile starting point. 😳


    I went through go daddy.
    Got a couple of sites-both the .com and the .Co.UK.
    Cost about £45 for each name-the.com makes it pricier, but wanted both covered.


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    iirc if you use godaddy you get a free catchall email at that domain as well if you want which saves you messing around trying to set it up somewhere else.


    Something I can actually help with (unlike advice on mtb’s!)

    Tend to buy my domains from http://www.fasthosts.co.uk. Cheap and its easy to redirect your domain to hosting elsewhere. Think the .co.uk domain I bought today was about £6 for 2 years. Typically .com is about double that so not expensive.

    If you are not using an online service like Tumblr then you’ll need hosting – which is where the files for your website live. Cheapest, reliable hosting I’ve found is TSO Host. I use then for my personal hosting and know 4 or 5 people that use them. Hosting there is £15 a year: https://www.tsohost.com/product/web-hosting

    Had good support when I had an issue recently. UK based too.

    If you use my referral you’ll get another 10% off: 10offmbb

    If you need proper business level hosting and support then http://3dpixel.net are awesome. At work I think we spend about £150 a month with them. The support there is great, even if you are on their basic £40 package. Again, UK based.

    Hope that helps!

    If you use a web designer to build you a site they should be able to sort all this out for you.

    Once you have that sorted you’ll need a website – but like bikes you can have one built for £500 or £5000, just depends on what you need or can afford. If you are really on a budget i’ve seen some OK websites built with Tumblr which is free. A bit restrictive, but might get you started.

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