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  • Two questions: car and belt!
  • AdamW

    Go on, STW massif, lend me your hearing things:

    1. Me & MrAdamW have decided to go from a 2-car household to a 1-car household. He uses the bus to get to work and I mainly bike. His car is currently on the drive with a seized wheel due to low use(sorting it out tomorrow). Do you reckon a garage would take 2 cars in part-ex for a more recent model?

    2. I have a fab* belt buckle and want to get a belt made. Anyone know anywhere in the Nottinghamm/Derby area that can do it for a fee? I don’t want to buy all the bits just for one belt.

    * – yes, this word does show my age!


    1. Probably, me and my ex traded both our cars in for a newer one from a dealership, didn’t get a great deal on them mind…

    2. No idea

    Premier Icon steveh

    As above someone will take both your cars for one newer one but don’t expect a good deal out of it.


    Sell the better one privately, and the crap one part exchange with cash from the good one for a better car.

    Youre more likely to get more that way,also Adam could you email me, you may be able to offer me some advice…


    Hi Project, YGM!

    Timpsons or a shoe repair/cobblers for the belt.

    Family member had the same done & pretty sure it was at a local cobblers


    what a surprise STW talking cobblers again



    If a dealer can make money then they will take however many cars you have.

    With reference to the belt, have a google for Walsall leather. Not too far from you and still a thriving industry here.

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