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  • Two different sized bikes on set of rollers question
  • IHN

    Me and her each have a road bike, and I have a set of rollers set up for mine.

    She’d like to try the rollers, but her bike is smaller than mine with a shorter wheelbase. They’re a bit of a faff to change for each bike, so do you reckon I’m betterr setting the rollers up for hers, so they’re a bit ‘short’ for mine, or leave them as they are so they’re a bit ‘long’ for hers?


    Whoah there, not so fast chaps, I’ll never take it all in…


    The sun’s shining, fek the rollers!!

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    Given the number of YouTube videos of people falling off them I’d want my rollers ‘right’ for me if I was a novice (or experienced).

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    You really, really do need to get a job now mate

    For your own benefit. And ours. 😉

    If you are going to compromise, go long rather than short. Too short will put the front wheel axle ahead of the roller contact patch and the bike will want to roll off the front. Keeping axle behind the contact patch helps keep the bike on.

    Only solution is experiment – set up perfectly, ride each others settings so you know what’s good and bad and see if you can find a compromise.

    However, after riding badly set up and perfectly set up rollers, I’d want them perfectly set up.


    The question is though, if you pedal hard enough, would you take off..?


    Buy some more rollers, that way you’d both be set up optimally and could take each other out.


    Disappointed by lack of conveyor belts in this thread.


    Set them for the longest bike. A little extra length just makes them a bit more stable. Unless there is a HUGE difference and the small bike drops through!

    I adjusted my front roller by 2 holes and went from just staying on with full concentration to riding no hands. Big difference in my experience.

    Have a play – in a doorway ideally!

    What rollers do you have that make it a faff? Mine are a quick adjust with an allen key once you know the right length. Just buy a second set of rollers. 🙂

Viewing 12 posts - 1 through 12 (of 12 total)

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