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  • Are they any good re quality, fit etc.

    Where do folk get them? always riding? anywhere else stock them?

    Premier Icon mtbmaff

    Only had t-shirts but the quality and fit is great.

    Always used always riding, great people.

    I bought a jersey from the States about 18 months ago as I couldn't find anyone in the UK who stocked them. Cost me about £40 all in, which wasn't bad. There are some UK stockists now, for example Always Riding. Nothing wrong with the quality either, though I found the fit a bit on the small side. I'd buy another. 😀


    I've a number of Twinsix T-shirts and Jerseys now, and they're all top notch 😀


    Great quality, bit on the cosy side for a given size.

    I've got a couple of Fat Cyclist ones which are made by Twin Six. Tees are brilliant as well!

    Size wise – I'm a 40" jacket so would that be a L or XL? I may have a small beer gut and I'm looking for a fit somewhere between tight roadie and the usual 'mtb' fit. Tighter than a Endura Cirrus if that helps.


    I've a couple of riding tops, and quite a few t-shirts, like them alot…

    Any size help? Emailed always riding – just waiting.

    Premier Icon Andy

    42-44 chest here; use a 42L suit jacket.

    L t-shirt fits just nice
    XL cycle jersey; again fits just right (not baggy though)

    Top kit, pricey though but I bought straight from Twin Six in the past when the £ was stronger

    Premier Icon Blackhound

    The 'always riding' team will sort you out, tend to answer questions really quickly as well – 10.00 on a friday night once!

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)

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