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    Technical terms incoming!

    So, I cracked a rib on hogmanay, which is healing well- not my first! But I’ve got a new development, which is rebellious muscles on the side I bashed. Had a terrible night last night…

    So what’s going on, is the muscles in my stomach and back are basically stupidly tight. I can get the muscles on the other side to do the same, with really excessive tightening and flexing (as if trying to impress self in mirror) but the once that run vertically down the side of the abdomen, and at kind of 5 o’clock round the back (where midnight is the navel) are like that pretty much all the time, and it’s ridiculously uncomftable- think I slept about half an hour last night. Tried warming them, cooling them, massaging them, stretching them (these last 2 still a bit limited by the rib) but no success.. There is a novelty cuddly frog hot water bottle on there now, he is disappointing, but still cute.

    I figure it’s just a side effect of having spent 3 weeks sparing that side and moving weirdly to avoid pain, but, anyone got any useful suggestions to move it on?

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