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  • Tubeless 29er Tyres
  • chrisrobs

    Can anyone recommend some good all round tubeless 29er tyres please?. Will be used in the Dark Peak District. Dont really do trail centres.

    Currently have Maxxis HR2 front and back and they feel quite draggy and heavy at 900 grams each. I was thinking Maxxis ardents front and back for the drier months.

    Premier Icon chakaping

    How fast do you go on the rough bits?

    900g is about what you need to not get flats I reckon. I’m going with something a bit heavier in the rear actually, but with a low-profile tread.

    Ardent Exo should be a lot quicker if not a huge amount lighter.


    Ardent exo on the back should make a noticeable difference to the rolling resistance whilst still shrugging off Peak District rocks.


    I do ride pretty hard, I have only burped my rear HR2 once in 4 months. I reckon an ardent exo on the rear would be a good starting point. Or just take a pair of pliers to the rear centres knobs.


    These look good but still carry a lot of weight.

    Premier Icon Northwind

    800-900g is a decent weight for a non XC race 29er tyre tbh.

    I’m not very convinced with the HR2, it’s not grippy for its drag. Or maybe not fast for its grip. But anyway.

    The semislick types are a bit marmitey; yes tehy’re fast as **** but the feeling of straightline braking into turning is weird because the grip goes drastically up as you lean. And the pedalling grip is just not good, unless you’re on a soft surface and the knobs get in on the action.

    The Pacestar Rockrazor is lighter but a harder rubber.

    I’ve used Maxxis Minions – DHF and DHR, Shorty, WTB Trail Boss and Vigilante and Schwalbe Hans Dampf and Magic Mary.

    As far as I know every tyre mentioned above comes in multiple weights, compounds etc but I’ve liked all the variants I have tried. The WTB combo was probably the fastest rolling and the Minions were OK in the Valleylujah mud last week. They’ve all coped with 100kg+ of dopey rider bashing them into things.

    The one tyre I have really hated every time I have tried it was the Ardent….

    Premier Icon Shackleton

    Ardent for me really only works in a 2.4 by which point I’d rather have the dhr2. Seems less draggy but gripper than a high roller. Works better on rock than an ardent. Work well tubeless. 3c front, dual rear, exo on both.


    My Racing Ralphs are quoted at 600g, 29″ T-ready.

    seem pretty good.


    Specilaized tyres work well tubeless and you can get them in a durable casing. Got a 2.3 Ground Control as my back tyre and it’s a pretty good balance between grip, rolling resistance and durability.


    One one smorgasbord and crossmark exo is what I run.

    Hans Damph, Trail Boss, HR2 are the three we sell more of than any other for rear tyres in any size.
    I run Nobby Nics fr & rr @ 20psi, & don’t have any problems at all, but I know some people do.


    Hutchinson Toro: 2.35F, 2.15R (AC cycles had a great deal on em last time I bought) my summer choice.


    Bonty Xr3’s

    I’m going through what can only be described as a voyage of discovery with rear 29er tyres right now.

    What used to be fine, I’m now cutting. I’ve just ordered an APEX trail king to see if it’s up to the job of tricky lose pressure riding. It’s 1025g and it’s starting to seem a reasonable weight for the roughness.


    I’m using Ardents tubeless front and rear in the Peak without issue


    I use minions on my 29er. Trail centers, lake district epics/classics etc. spot on and I cant fault them.


    Bonty XR4 2.3 on front, XR3 2.2 on rear. More than good enough for non-trail-centre stuff. Just under 800g for the XR4, 700g for the XR3


    Northwind, I’m with you on HR’s they just don’t deliver they’re promise & reputation.
    Just building a SC 29er my first foray into wagon wheels & went for a WTB Vigilante up front, Only because i had good results on 650B & similarly a rock razor rear, that said there’s no stock of Trailstar non gravity left anywhere & pacestar can be a bit sketchy.

    Might be too light for the rear in the peaks but a Gravity version would be fine if your ok with the weight, I did the Ard rock with one on the rear & it was fine.

    I’ll be interested in how you get on as I’m a 29er novice & keen to get to grips with the tyre set up.

    Premier Icon konanige

    I’m on a chunky monkey 2.4 up front and slaughter 2.3 grid out back, perfect combo!!

    Premier Icon nuke

    Hans Dampf front, Smorgasbord rear is my standard trail riding combo on both my bikes, both tubeless…just the right compromise between weight, grip/drag & price for me

    Premier Icon crashrash

    Had a 29er HT and just gone FS with one. My preference for combo of speed grip and decent value is Vigilante front and trail boss rear. Love Minions up front as well, and my mate swears by the specialized butcher/purgatory (I think) and all good going up tubeless. Have tried On-one but would say best in dry and could not get them up tubeless for love nor money (though probably more down to my dodgy technique than anything)

    Premier Icon DezB

    Can’t beat these for the money..

    Good call – ordered some yesterday from Hargroves Cycles for £19.99 (free p&p) 🙂


    Running Spez Purgatory front and rear and have no complaints so far, in fact I’d say they are some of the best all round tyres I have had with Geax Saguaro coming a close second.

    Premier Icon BillOddie

    For the Peak I’d go Minion DHF(2.5) up front with an Ardent (2.4) out back.

    You could go for 2.3 Minion upfront with a 2.25 Ardent, Smorgasbord or Crossmark out back if you are lighter.

    Get the EXO TR side walled tyres and you’ll have no issues setting them up tubeless.


    Run purgatory front. Ground control rear tubeless in natural stuff. Change to gc front and racing ralph rear for fast dry trails.

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