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  • mrmo

    Having the bathroom tiled in the new year, it has been decreed that that the wall will have a band of mosaic tiles and that the band will probably be travertine(sp?)

    I know that it should be sealed, but when?

    On the basis that I am happy to do the donkey work I have no issue preparing the tiles rather than have the tiler do it, but do you? or is the sealant applied at the end? Does it matter???

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    Travertine is quite porous so you’ll need to seal it.

    This can be done with a good quality sealer when it’s dry. Use a decent make like BAL or FILA.

    You basically apply let the tiles absorb it and give it a few coats.

    Top up every few months

    With Trav I seal both before it’s fitted so that grout and adhesive can be washed off easily and then after it’s all been cleaned too.

    Use a good product like Lithofin Stainstop and you won’t have to do it again for a long time. I buy Stainstop and slate seal in 5ltr drums and it’s very expensive, I make a minimal charge for prep to cover costs. It only take 5 mins with a radiator roller to do so doubt you’ll save a lot of labour time by DIY, but it will cost you a lot (£20+) if you have to buy a 1lt container of the stuff to do the job.


    thanks Blazin-Saddles, sounds like not worth the bother of doing it.


    For the time it takes to seal them, and the fact its porous it seems silly not to. We’ve had customers in the past decline sealer and then ask how to remove grout stains from them after.


    tom83, don’t get me wrong i will get it sealed, just doesn’t sound like me doing it in advance offers any gain.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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