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  • Trans Pennine Trail – fastest coast to coast time?
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    Haven’t tried it. Got halfway across the C2C in an adventure of epic ill-preparation, ended in Alston having locked myself out of my room in a deserted hotel wearing no pants so couldn’t crack on (pardon pun) until let back into my room, by which time I was too late to do the second half 🙁

    Up for tackling that again in a day next year (sans camping gear) or two days this summer, fancy joining me?

    Pint of Boondoggle at Bulls Head soon, replete with CD swap?!


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    Anyone know of any kind of record for a Southport to Hornsea continual ride? I know it’s not exactly the West Highland Way, but I fancy a pop at it in the summer, just wondering if there was a time to aim at!

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    Long time no see, I didn’t know you frequented these parts! Still playing the bike polo?

    Sounds like a C2C nightmare you had there – I’ve not done that route, but will be working as a guide on it a couple of times later this year.

    It’s the Trans Pennine Trail I’m scheming at though, you know the one that goes down the Mersey past Chorlton water park etc. I’ve done it all as a leisurely 4 day B+B tour with Mrs Deets, but I reckon I could blast it out in about 18 hours on the cyclocross bike. I did 100 miles of it today and got the train back from Selby, right good fun!

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    Bike polo took a back seat to hitting hills on the roadie which took a back seat to MTBn which has taken a back seat to sitting around with fookin peas on my hand watching my frankenfinger slowly look like a human finger again, having had surgery to put a screw through the joint after a very large puddle ambushed me. 5 weeks off already and another month or so to go :'(

    Mostly been riding up at Gisburn and in Hebden with some locals who hoon around like nutters on crack. Booked onto theGreat Rock’s Alp Prep on June 15th to get me in the mood for Fort Bill a month after!

    14mph + stops? 3500m total climb? Sounds great. You doing it solo? If you fancy a ride buddy I could join you as you get into Chorlton and go to Selby with you. Or if you fancy a ride in t’Peaks any time from around mid-May that you’re not feeling competitive about, I’m missing my wheels. All of them.

    Mrs DoGGG sends her love


    If you know the shortcuts around the bit from Southport to Widnes then youll save a bit of time.


    going by the trend to try and do everything in under 24 hours have a crack at that? me and my girlfriend did it in 3 1/2 days fully laden with camping gear etc, and had plenty of pub stops along the way so not exactly head down race pace, but we had a great time anyway. lots of it is pretty flat/on tarmac/smooth tracks so a CX bike would be ideal if speed is your concern

    Cheers for letting me know about this route. May use it as an endurance training ride.

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