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  • AndrewBF

    I shall find myself in that vicinity in a few weeks, with a bike to hand. Any good routes / trails? I can’t find any and the OS maps / bridleways look quite uninspiring.


    rich c

    Hi Andrew,
    You are right there isn’t a great deal and what there is will be quite sticky and muddy now, do you have a road bike? as there are some great quiet roads within 20 mins ride up on the wolds.
    If you’re looking for a bit more info I think these guys do a bit locally,


    Mbr did a killer loop or certainly a mapped route round the wolds. Minster Cycles are a good shop in Beverley, They might help you out.

    If not the Yorkshire Moors or Dalby will be about an hours drive north,


    Hmmm.. not much really is there? A short run along towards South Cave on bridleways is the best I can see. Due to logistics we won’t have time on the day for the drive to Moors / Dalby so just a few hours on paths it will have to be.

    I can vouch for Minster Cycles – I went in there looking for the bottom half of a brake lever mount (the small ‘U’ bit under the handlebar). They don’t stock such items but took a brake set off the shelf and took the component from that and sold it to me 🙂 They then took the hassle of re-ordering from Hope and putting it back into the brake set. Top service!

    Premier Icon iain1775

    did a half decent route around Soute Cave and up to Beverley area from my mates house in Brough once, I’ll try and map it tonight

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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