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  • Trailers for 12mm axles…
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    Went out with the kids today at FOD on the family trail started with one is a seat and one in a tag-along, snapped the axle in my (pub/commuter) bike trying to drag all our weight up a big hill…

    After a few miles of pushing back I hired a bike and trailer so all was not lost and well… it was 100% better for me as much easier to ride with and the kids seemed to like it better to as could get some more speed up and the handling it a bit better without such a loaded bike.

    I would love a cargo bike or similar really but the next purchase is due to be a new MTB which will be a FS that will have a 12mm axle so what are my options?

    I have seen those axles for $50 from the US but a trailer is already pretty pricey, looking at a burley probably. Any other suggestions for ones that will fit a 12mm axle?

    We have a Croozer. It came with 2 axle brackets, designed to fit the QR axle through. I drilled one out to 12mm and it works a treat with a 12mm bolt through on my full sus.

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    Chariot do a 142 x 12 adaptor in both Syntace and E-thru standards, use one myself, have taken the wee man round FOD, Swinley Peaks etc.

    I appreciate that doesn’t help with the affordability factor as Chariots are far from cheap, but they are ace and you can always get a 2nd hand one and then get an adaptor for it.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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