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  • simonralli2

    I have a theory I have never met any uppity people at trail centres because right now the most uptight holier than thou riding Gods who never even touch their brakes, nay, don't even have brakes as they don't need them are all at Leith Hill, judging by that thread going on heh 😯

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    Used to ride at Glentress a lot especially a few years back when the Hub were doing the late night opening on a Wed night, almost every Wed night actually. But as the number of folks I ride with has increased I go less often. Its still great when the weather is sh1te or when you feel the need for speed. I'm also lucky in having some great riding close to home.
    Will probably go to Glentress a bit more now that our lad is getting more into biking, although he's also happy heading up to the local BMX/skate park and then back through the woods.


    I seem to be the opposite to most here. There were no trail centres when I started mountain biking and racing. I raced 10 years on natural trails mostly boring fireroads and small sections of singletrack. I then started downhilling and at that time there were only nautural downhills with a few added features added in. Gradually as the trail centres have grown and got better and better I have riden natural trails less and less.

    I live on the edge of the yorkshire dales and have several trail centres within a days commute and I would much rather drive 2 hours plus to a trail centre ride for hours and then drive 2 hours back than slog along on boring old drover roads, jeep tracks and roads for the little bits of smooth singletrack in the dales.

    I love the bermed switchbacks and rolling jumps of the trail centres and the high percentage of singletrack that just flows. The technical features such as rock slabs etc are huge fun and definately challenging. My only gripe is many centres still have fire road climbs. They should all take a leaf out of Glentresses book and start getting rid of the fire roads.


    Yes – but only once a year…when I started trail centres didn't exist so you went and made your own routes…I still prefer doing that…but riding at a trail centre does add things to the mix so I'm not going to knock them…


    I use 'em more now than when I first started. The trails at the centres are miles better fun than my local ones and I can give my bikes a right ragging. Great fun.



    Riding any trail "centres" me, brothers and sisters. 8)

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    Would mtb have the massive appeal without trail centres? You could compare the increase of trail centres to the development of modern ski resorts. They provide easy access to the masses with clearly marked(relatively) safe routes for all abilities.
    Love them or hate them, but without them I doubt the sport would have experienced the massive appeal that in turn generates research and development that gives us nice sub 20lb racers or £4.5k bouncy kit.


    I do however feel happier / safer riding trail centre stuff on my own than out in the wilds as your as good as guaranteed someone will pass you if you have mechanical or accident and stop and help.

    Skyline, solo on a stormy January -very wild and remote….

    No trail centres when I started, either. CyB was the first I rode, and I instantly loved the old Karrimor. CyB is now very different – the trails have a very different feel to them and just don't feel as rewarding to ride… hence rarely make the effort to go.

    Penhydd is the original and best trail in S Wales. My personal fave of all the trail, centre trails – and that is a lot to do with the natural feel of it.

    I'm only about 30 mins drive from Afan / Glyncorrwg, but rarely bother to go over there except with the kids. Too much good riding from the door and on my commute to work. Costs too much in fuel and time when you can ride from home.

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