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  • Premier Icon mrblobby

    He does, but he also knows the sport and he knows how it looks when kicking out journalists who write stuff about you that you’re not keen on (remember the last person to do that sort of thing?) Not the right way for a team principal to act.

    Premier Icon crazy-legs

    Millar’s Tour team. Did he say 100% clean? Starting with Indurain and Ulrich?!

    No, he said no matter what their background, he would put them into a 100% clean race.

    I’d put Millar into a fantasy team any day, he was far and away the best road captain in the last 10 years at least.

    But then I’d also have Armstrong in a fantasy team as well… 😉

    Team of the week: Got to be Sunweb

    Got to be Ag2R, surely?! Smashing it on the front of the peloton and the breakaway simultaneously one day, then doing a full “sky train” when Froome had a broken spoke the next? They used to be a joke of a team but those performances where the match for any dominant big bucks outfit.

    And any team that employs ‘Bling’ is automatically exempt from Team Of The Week 😈

    Premier Icon jambalaya

    Brailsford and Sky can speak or not to whom they want. Just because you are a journalist does not give you an automatic right to attend their press events. I doubt Sky care much about Brailsford ognoring a competitor, as long as he is speaking to Sky Sports they’ll be happy enough


    Point taken on Matthews. Doesn’t quite have the talent to justify the arrogance. I think thats balanced out by good guys like Ten Dan, Barguil and Geschke though. True, AG2R have animated things and Bardet looks at his best ever but given the numbers up the road on a couple of stages, I just think they haven’t maximised their opportunities as much as they could have. Worst team: UAE? Taking off where Lampre left off?


    At the end of his article in the Sunday Times yesterday, David Walsh compared Brailsford to Trump…. The man with all the power but whom no one respects ( I’m paraphrasing as I don’t have the article to hand)

    Jamba, the ST is a Murdoch paper so I guess he’ll have to talk to Walsh, won’t he?


    matts – Member
    He may well be losing it with the pressure, but he has a point as far as Cyclingnews is concerned.

    CN have been hard on Sky and it’s management. TBH I think I’d be inclined to ban them from any of my press conferences as well 😀

    Reference Trek and possible recruits for GC leaders (Uran etc), found this in an inrng comment

    Contador’s DS, Steven de Jongh, yesterday said on Dutch TV that this will be Alberto’s last TdF

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