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  • Tora 318 motion control, worthwhile upgrade over 302?
  • phinw

    Rockshox air forks are so reliable these days that I’d not worry too much. For about the same money with the VIP discount you could get a Reba from Merlin which would be far and away a better fork – tough as old boots and much lighter.

    Does any even have those old Toras on sale now? Merlin also have coil recons for under £200 with the VIP which are a model up the range with a alu steerer and the motion control. A much better proposition unless you really need the u-turn.


    don’t kick yourself. think more than you have saved that £120 towards a much better fork like the rebas suggested above.

    Or what you should have done was got rebas in the 1st place 😉


    Hi singletrackers

    So, I’m looking to upgrade my fork. I’d like to stick with a coil spring (I think) as it will require less care and maintainance than air, but I’d like something smoother than my current ride, which is a tora 302 100mm. So I’m thinking of getting the 318 u-turn with motion control and running it at 120mm travel.

    The 318s cost £250-ish these days (kicking myself for not getting one at £120 when I had the chance a few years back!). So, with better damping and more travel, is this a worthwhile upgrade over my 302?? Or will it be about the same?

    If it’s not a worthwhile upgrade then what should I go for? And (seeing as I’m quite good at damaging bits of my bike) am I right to avoid air springs?

    Cheers in advance!

    PS 2nd hand forks aren’t usually an option for me as I’m tall and hence want an uncut steerer tube.

    Absolutely! The Tora 318s are basically identical in terms of performance to the more expensive forks in the Rock Shox range, but much cheaper, and with ridiculously durable stanchions. They only difference I can tell is the weight.

    Now here’s the bit where it looks like I’ve got a motive for saying the above… I have some Tora 318s for sale, Solo Air, Motion Control, 120mm travel. In great nick, just the usual scratches to the lowers, stanchions perfect. I’ve had them on my hard tail for three or four years, but serviced them every year, and when I do they always seem spotless internally. Never had any issues with them, ever! £100 delivered? Only selling to fund my new bike, otherwise I’d keep them!


    Re air forks. I sent my air shock in lately – £100ish for a basic service as the damping had gone. Had to pay an extra £30 for a new piston as the old one had a tiny, tiny chip in it that would lead to seal damage and air leaks. Presumably a similar problem on air forks would cost a lot more, due to the large size of a CSU assembly?

    Hence (Beveled Edge) thanks but I’ll hold on your offer for now, unless the steerer on your forks is uncut, in which case I’ll consider – though I’m still not sure about air springs…

    I’m afraid the steerers not uncut, long enough for most frames though, I had an external headset and a fair few spacers on it… The air assembly is contained within it’s own sealed tube inside the fork, so I really have no idea how you’d scratch it! I suppose on a rear shock it’s a bit more exposed.


    Wow is that the case for most air shocks then, that the uppers you see are not the actual air piston inner? I didn’t realise.

    Just spotted this sorry…

    Yep, the uppers you see just need to be kept smooth and scratch free to reduce friction and keep any lubricating oil in/crap out.

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