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  • Topeak Jango Trailer Tent?
  • james

    Stumled across the ‘Jango’ range whilst trying to work out if Topeaks shock pump come emergency rigid shock has a built in pressure guage, apprantly not anyway

    Jango range here
    The trailer

    Anybody know anything about it?

    I like the sound of: “Compatible with Jango Tent”, but I can’t find any info on it

    Theres also a bike which can be used for city riding, day touring, touring, fitness, sport, shopping AND commuting!
    So a hybrid then?


    Anyone remotely interested?
    Anyone care to make any unfounded speculation?
    Anyone reckon it might be a good MTB trailer?

    a neat idea but clearly not in production. have a look here

    Premier Icon geoffj

    I like topeak stuff, but the bike camper tent that uses an inner tube as a pole, got a proper caning in the mag.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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