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  • beings

    Right then, some encouragement needed.

    Sheffield is covered in snow and I have a commute tomorrow that takes me from one side to the other (about 4-5 miles). Been doing it the last couple of days on a bike after seven weeks off having broken my hand and damaged a tendon.

    Changed the slick commuter wheels to nobbly mud tyres, reduced the tyre pressure and changed to flat pedals. I think the bike is ready but am I?

    So come on with the encouragement and stories of people doing silly commutes through the snow.


    You'll go a lot quicker than those in cars, just go steady.


    brilliant for working on your balance but HARD work on legs.


    when you get there you will wonder what you were worried about.


    Did it this morning, from Bradway to the Northern Gen, excellent ride. Cars were so slow / stationary all the way and I can't see that changing tomorrow. Surprisingly grippy under the tyres as well.

    Go on, you know you want to, and think how pleased you'll be once you get there.


    I am planning to do the same (in Sheffield) given the state of the traffic chaos today, just hoping that the roads aren't too icy


    biked into work every day on often untreated but ploughed back roads through this cold snap and lovin it…
    -8 + winchill this morning..coldest yet..and a blizzard tonight!
    deepest was 10-12" drifts one morning..passed dozons stuck cars..bicycle still moving!,folk at work ask did you really cycle in? i dont bother trying to explain…..


    Did 8 miles commute this morning. Overtaken by a Disco in the first 300yrds. Overtook the same car 7 miles later ( The driver in front had got it wrong and brought all the cars to a standstill)

    Premier Icon DezB

    I was planning to do my 11 miler tomorrow as it's not going to be possible by car! Us southerners just ain't had it like this before.
    Not sure of 11 miles on a roadbike is doable and I'll die if I try to mtb it. Guess I'll just stay at home like everyone else 🙁


    Well thanks muchly everyone
    Would seem rude not to get the bike out 🙂

    It may mean I am the only teacher in a school in South Yorkshire however 😉


    My tip is remember tio ride on the undisturbed snow, its got a bit more grip even if there is a little more drag.

    Premier Icon cuckoo

    Planning on doing my 11.5 miler through mid-Derbyshire tomorrow morning.

    Good advice on looking for the soft stuff. Very gentle steering input, let the bike go where it wants to, keep pedalling and you'll be toasty warm and lovin' it in no time 🙂

    Suggsey – Member
    My tip is remember tio ride on the undisturbed snow, its got a bit more grip even if there is a little more drag.

    Wish I was fit enough to think of it as just a little more! Feels very odd at first but a very satisfying floaty feeling in fresh powdery snow. Be prepared to be disproportionally tired, could not believe how mentally tired I was after recent snowy icy rides though.


    I put my 661 knee/shin pads on the other day to ride to work, it was icy so I thought it might help if I did topple. I felt like a 'bit of a poseur'…One big plus was lovely warm knees 😀 I may add my forearm/elbow pads next

    Premier Icon Ogg

    Beings – if you can get to the end/bottom of your road without falling on your arse I'm sure you'll be fine for the rest of the journey!

    **** all snow down here in Cambs currently – just not so nice icy slippy tarmac.


    It's great – unless there's a black ice / frozen under layer, in which case it's dangerous.
    Fresh snow is Ace.
    I was doing just that in Dalby for 4 days over Xmas.
    Wrap up warm, just in case you need to walk the bike more than you anticipated as your speeds will be much reduced.
    Wear your over-booties!
    Put warm tea in the CamelBak.
    Wear your warm gloves.
    Take a hat in case it's really parky out there! You can always adjust the helmet to fit around the lid.
    I stuffed & carried another HH in my empty water bottle just in case.


    I'm riding the MTB in. Will go the long way in as it's mainly offroad apart from a road hill, which I'm hoping won't be icy. If the roads are slippy it'll be offroad on the way back too. Might invest in a buff if I can be arsed, but I'll be wearing 3/4, it's still warm here 🙂


    wouldnt bother But unless you have a Shirly bike like coastkid


    still do it on my road bike with 23mm slicks on. Its quite grippy although i could spin the rear wheel at 20mph if i stood up and gave it some. Simple things to remember.

    When going round corners, stay upright as possible
    Brake early for corners, and dont use to much front
    Wash the bike, even with fresh water after every ride ( use a bucket or a hosepipe when arriving at work. It will clear the salt off..

    My clothing attire is this.
    – Warm but thin wool socks
    – normal summer spd shoes
    – overshoes ( make a huge differnece)
    – 2 pairs lycra shorts
    – set of knee warmers
    – base layer
    -long sleeved cycling top
    – wind/water proof endura lightweight jacket
    – buff ( for chin and nose )
    – Nike running hat ( thin enough to wear under helmet yet with buff keeps ears toastie
    – helmet
    – Either winter gloves or thin pair of wool gloves with summer gloves over the top
    – i-pod

    top this with lights and your fine. Main issue is gears freezing up and brakes freezing up

    Premier Icon ourmaninthenorth

    Us southerners just ain't had it like this before.

    While the "national" news has gone into overdrive because London (it's the centre of the earth and all known civilisation doncha know) is going to get snowed on, this isn't the first time The South(tm) has had heavy snow.

    I remember snow in the 80s in Oxfordshire where it was deep enough to bury cars. My friends dad went out running and wondered what all the lumps in the road were – he was running over car roofs..!


    Just be careful. My commute is un-rideable at the moment. I could make it easily enough but when I go down, and with this much ice and snow and 10 miles each way to go I will take a fall or two, I can all to easily see the car / bus / lorry behind me being unable to dodge me or even worse slipping into oncoming traffic.

    There is an element of responsibility – not just for your safety but for the safety of other road users.

    But then most of my commute is still under at least 2" of snow and ice and the roads are mostly just two tyre ruts in the snow.



    Thanks all, down to the sorting office accross the park was a little hairy but lots of fun. By the time I got onto the main roads it wasn't to bad as long as I stayed out of the cycle lanes 🙂

    Nobbly tyres and not being clipped in did wonderful things to my confidence, that and the kind words 😉

    Mr Pompino gulped down this mornings commute in snowy Lincolnshire. I had one sideways moment but stayed on 😀 It was quite enjoyable actually.

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